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How to save $500 a month

Practice these tips to stretch your paycheck If saving money seems impossible and you consistently run through your entire paycheck each month, the tips provided in this article can show you how to potentially save as much as $500 a month. Sound unbelievable? Practice even half of these strategies and learn how to regain control of your finances while saving a significant amount of money at the same... More

How to create pumpkin patterns

Design your own pattern Photo used with permission from Jay Ball Everybody sees them when they go to the stores around Halloween; the retail packages that contain various patterns to use when carving out a pumpkin. The patterns are inexpensive, but by the time hundreds of people in your own neighborhoods purchase them, duplicate patterns appear on many different pumpkins around town. Instead of doing the... More

How to change the SSID for a Verizon DSL router

When you first set up your Verizon DSL router, it uses a default SSID (network name) made up of letters and numbers. It's a good practice to change this network name, along with the default username, password, and security key. To change the SSID, follow the steps below. [donate]Instructions Step 1 Open the Verizon router interface Open a web browser and navigate to your router's IP address. If you haven't changed... More

How to recognize a potentially violent individual

Just odd, or potentially violent? Not enough time or attention has historically been given to learning to recognize the profile of a potentially violent individual. The emerging need to do so is a sad testimonial to the rise of violence in the twenty-first century. Random acts of violent behavior have increased significantly on college campuses, church grounds, and places of business. This increase highlights the necessity... More

How to change the the appearance of Microsoft Windows XP desktop

Changing the appearance of your Windows desktop. Not every computer user has the same style. Often individuals want their computer to reflect their personality, and with a Windows Desktop, this is extremely easy to do. Windows provides many themes and colors which can be used to make your computer look personalized and special to you. With a little patience, your screen can be changed to suit your mood, style or chosen... More

How to calm a colicky baby

Tips for helping your baby get relief from the pains of colic Hearing a baby cry with pain and not knowing what to do is perhaps one of the worst experiences parents can have with newborn babies. Although a small percentage of babies experience frequent attacks of colic, parents agonize over what to do. It also means many sleepless nights and hours of walking the floor with the baby. Parents quickly learn to recognize their... More

How to make a fabric covered bulletin board

Say goodbye to the plain and drab Cork bulletin boards are quite handy for keeping track of all manner of things from to-do lists to reciepts as well as swatches, inspirational images, and favorite quotes. They can be dull and functional, or interesting and fashionable. All it takes is a little sprucing up and fabric is a quick and easy way to make a bulletin board more attractive. [donate]Instructions Step 1 Fabric... More

How to photograph fireworks

Getting good shots of fireworks requires planning ahead and using a bit of know-how. Even less experienced photographers can achieve good results by learning about the settings available on their cameras, guarding against camera shake, and planning ahead. It takes a bit of effort to learn how to take good pictures at night. Most people start first with pictures taken in strong daylight. However, even the less expensive... More

How to make table centerpieces from empty baby food jars

Making simple table centerpieces using flowers and empty baby food jars Before you discard those empty baby food jars, stop and think about all the creative things you can do with them. In addition to storage and dinnerware, empty baby food jars can be used when decorating your home or bringing a bit of flair to a special occasion. A great way to do this is by using empty baby jars to make flower table centerpieces for any... More

How to Cite an Interview in MLA Format

Interview with a citation Step 1 Is the interview personal or published? Of course, your job is much easier if the interview is personal (you only need to know who, whom and where), while with the published one you need to provide the publication (printed or online). But that is not important at the moment, just decide what type of interview you are going to cite. Step 2 Who is the interviewee? Here we are, at... More