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How did Wayne Gretzky change hockey history?

Wayne Douglas Gretzky was the impetus for change in hockey history. Much like the Montreal Canadiens of the 1950's had rule changes put in place because of their awesome abilities, the prowess of Wayne Gretzky was too much to overcome. Gretzky impacted the history of the game in many ways, both on and off of the ice. On the ice, Gretzky was too much to handle for defenders and goalies, and his numbers were reminiscent of the... More

How to celebrate the 4th of July without fireworks

When fireworks are banned because of the risk of more fire than we want, celebrating the 4th of July requires a bit of creativity. The traditional barbecue can still take place. There's always the community parade where you can cheer and make a general fool of yourself. Or not. But without something different, it feels a little flat. Creating your own 4th of July traditions could be just... More

How to  make a honey pumpkin exfoliating mask

In the quest for beautiful and healthy skin exfoliating masks can be very helpful. This is a simple honey pumpkin mask that can be made a one. Honey is an antiseptic, it inhibites the growth of bacteria.The additional ingredients are used to moisturize and return firmness to the skin. [donate]Instructions Step 1 Steep green tea in boiling... More

Super bike

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