How to do? Step by step instructions, answers, faq - Part 12
How to make drawer organizers using empty cereal and food boxes

Making your own drawer organizers is very easy to do using empty food boxes that originally packaged cereal, crackers, and cookies. In this tutorial you will learn how to be resourceful in using recycled materials such as the empty boxes combined with wall paper scraps. The wall paper makes the organizers easy to maintain. These organizers are effective in helping to keep the items in your drawers separated into categories... More

How to choose the right sleeping bag

When it comes to backpacking, not all sleeping bags are created equal. Due to the high variety of sleeping bag types and fill-materials, it can sometimes be difficult to determine what makes a great sleeping bag. Besides obvious factors including material quality and price, there are other traits you need to consider when selecting the right sleeping bag for your situation. Here are a checklist of ideas that can get you... More

How to fold socks

Sock gremlins beware! The organization fairy has arrived. For many people folding socks can be an overwhelming chore. Once you have overcome the hurdle of matching the socks, some people tend to fold socks incorrectly causing wear on the elastic. Even still there are those who don't even bother folding them and simply throw the socks in a drawer. Once you have the hang of it, folding socks properly doesn't take much time at... More

How to copy Xbox 360 games to a hard drive

Anyone with an Xbox 360 will be familiar with the dreaded Red Ring of Death which has plagued the hardware since day one. Although there is no full proof way to stop this error from happening, you can decrease the risk by installing games to your Hard Drive. This lowers stress on the disc reader, which in turn produces less heat. In many cases, installing a game to your Hard Drive will also improve the quality of your... More

How to grow a vegetable garden in a small area

Grow vegetables in limited space Many gardeners face the issue of space when growing vegetables at home. Either it is because of an apartment style building that they live in, or the garden space around their home is not much. However, with proper planning and making changes to the regular methods of growing vegetables, this issue can be eased considerably. This guide presents a way in which a gardener may grow a vegetable... More

How To: Choose the UV lamp for drying

Nail lamps are a compulsory attribute of every beauty salon and an operating tool for nail techs. These days UV lamps for curing are widespread among ladies who love quality manicure and do their nails at home. There are different types of curing lamps. All of them have a similar operating principle, but they differ in wattage, weight, design, size, construction, spectrum, type of glass and service life. Also, the lamps... More

How to print a configuration page on an HP Color LaserJet CM1312 MFP

On an HP printer, if you want to get a quick overview of network settings, printer setup, and device information, you'd print out a configuration page. The steps for printing a configuration page on different HP models can vary greatly; follow the procedure below for the Color LaserJet CM1312 MFP and similar models. [donate]Instructions Step 1 Go into the menu Press the Setup button on the printer's operation panel... More

How to deal with an irritating co-worker

Having to go to work five or six days a week can be difficult enough, but if you have to deal with an irritating co-worker on top of that, then you could find it very hard to cope. However, there are ways that you can deal with the co-worker without having to lose your temper or do anything too extreme. You just need to take some time to think through your own behaviour and how best to deal with the person in question as... More

How to write a covered call option

Looking for a neutral or slightly bullish position? Writing a covered call allows you to take a take a moderately bullish stance on a stock. By writing a covered call, you can earn a solid return on your investment if the stock stays at its current price. Even if the stock declines slightly, you can still make a profit on the position. The ability to earn without an upswing in price is what you gain by writing a covered... More

How to Get Discount Wedding Rings

When it comes to getting married, cost for everything regarding the wedding can be on the mind. Especially getting married in times of hardship, like a reccession. So how does one shop for wedding rings when the money is tight? Shop "Discount Jewelry Stores". Just because the store say discount or discounted doesn't mean you're getting a piece of junk jewelry. This zone is designed to give you some insight into shopping at... More