How to do? Step by step instructions, answers, faq - Part 13
How to increase traffic to your blog

How Comments With Good Content Can Increasing Your Blogs Earning Potential I like to consider myself a pretty good blogger and one of the reasons I am one is because I take the time to read other peoples and learn from them. The one thing though that I find really irritating is the amount of inane comments some people leave on these blogs. Therefore, I would like to take the time to post this, in the hope that there will be... More

How to write a mystery story

Creating a mystery story Creating a mystery story involves creating a setting, realistic characters, plot, narration, dialogue, and other elements of fiction. The graphic organizers pictured below are a great way to organize your mystery story before you start writing it. Google image [donate]Instructions Step 1 Creating realistic settings After you have created your realistic characters, you need to create a... More

How to look your best after 50

Over fifty? Want to look ten to twenty years younger? Then take time out to sift through your wardrobe and throw-out anything that's old and makes you even look older. Young women wear open cleavage, short skirts and tight jeans and or tights. If you take a middle aged woman and picked out what she would wear then your best bet would be, longer skirts, loose fitted jeans, more older type fashion. What you need is... More

How to make a rain barrel

Use recycled materials Rain barrels can be a real boon to spring, summer and fall gardeners...even those that continue their hobbies during the winter months indoors. Having an abundant amount of good quality natural rainwater for your household and garden plants will help them achieve maximum beautiful growth spring and summer seasons and winters too. Natural rainwater contains all the essential minerals that lawns,... More

How to grow an easy flower garden

It is late May and I have returned from wandering about my garden. I am pleased to say that it has responded to my care and encouragement superlatively and I cannot help but smile a satisfied smile. My garden and I are one. My garden is in the process of being changed from a normal English garden (although it is in Denver, Colorado) to a totally perennial garden and things are going well. The lawns are a deep rich green that... More

How to get bubble gum out of clothing

Several methods to remove gum from fabric As you are collecting the laundry from your child's floor you notice a sticky substance on the front. Upon closer examination, you determine that the substance is the gum that your child was chewing earlier that evening. There are several simple methods that you can use to remove the gum. Many of these methods do not require store bought products. [donate]Instructions Step... More

How to join yarn and change colors in knitting

Using different colored yarn to produce a pattern As knitters become more proficient in their craft they try more complex patterns which may involve using yarns of different colors. It is important to know how to join the different yarns properly. Some different types of knitting that use more than one color yarn are stripes, Fair Isle, picture or motif and Argyle plaid. Stripes are perhaps the easiest to do. Fair Isle, or... More

How to bring reality into a fiction story

Creating realistic settings and characters You will learn how to create realistic settings and characters. You can create realistic characters in fantasy stories and also have fairies like the picture illustrates. You can also create a realistic setting, but you can add settings that aren't in the original setting. For example, you might create a farm setting, but you want to add hidden caves or tunnels in order to make the... More

How is the struggle for water, such as in Ethiopia and Kenya, shaping conflicts in this century?

As the populations of Ethiopia and Kenya continue to grow, access to that most fundamental of all natural resources - water - is becoming ever more problematic. Ethiopian plans for irrigating 300,000 acres with water diverted from the Blue Nile will impact on nomadic and remote village populations. Today, there is already an enormous migration drive into Ethiopia's capital city, Addis Ababa. The Addis Ababa City Water... More

How to attach wall framing to a cement floor

Attaching a wall to concrete Preparing a wall for placement on concrete is fairly simple to do. Measurement is the key to being successful at attaching a wood wall to a concrete floor. Once you have located your measurements on your concrete floor, the wall should install quickly. It will take at least two people to install the wall safely, one to hold the wall in place and the other to drill the set holes for the base. You... More