How to do? Step by step instructions, answers, faq - Part 14
How to make a paper-cutting

The art of paper-cutting (or scherenschnitte), is a fascinating and rewarding paper-craft, most often recognized as a bold black cut-out, set against a white background. Sometimes they can also be the negative image, in its white form, set against a black background. Both look right, so it's a personal choice as to how you create your own paper-cutting. An image that is not identical on both halves (such as image shown), is... More

How to visit Universal Studios Hollywood

Doing the studio tour When you are visiting the Los Angeles or Anaheim California area, there are many things to visit. Most people go to Disneyland and Knotts Berry Farm. In addition to these two, Universal Studios in Hollywood, is another place that is good for the entire family. Universal Studios is both a theme park and a real movie filming studio. Films have been being produced here since 1915 and... More

How to Choose Weapons for Your World of Warcraft Warrior

Choosing weapons for your Warrior in World of Warcraft The first thing to take into account is the level of your warrior and the specialisation or spec you have chosen for your talents as each talent tree favours a different weapon or combination of weapons. The Arms talent tree strongly favours 2 handed weapons of every kind and if this is your chosen talent tree you should be after the highest damage 2 handed weapon you... More

How perceptions of parents change as we age

YOU ONLY THOUGHT YOUR PARENTS WERE DUMB! When I was a child of school age, I thought my mother was mean and loud. Clean your room and take out the trash and empty the dishwasher were just a few of her favorite sayings. I don't recall thinking she was wise but she sure did seem to know everything! As I moved into my teenage years, my mother was even worse. Strict and unfair is how I would describe her. Even my friends feared... More

How to avoid and treat calluses

Treating food calluses and avoiding recurrence Foot calluses are unsightly but they can also be very painful. The pain can come with every step; have a burning sensation while trying to rest, or a shooting pain that feels like being stabbed with a needle. Painful calluses automatically force people to change their behavior and become more sedentary. Everyone knows that when their feet hurt, everything hurts. We can avoid... More

How to decorate waffle bowls for special occasions

  Indulge in a waffle bowl that’s been decorated with melted chocolate and candy sprinkles, fill it with a super ice cream sundae, and you’ll have a dessert fit for any special occasion. These edible bowls are even more festive and appealing if some of the chocolate and candy sprinkles intended for the sundae are set aside to decorate the bowl itself. It’s a simple process to melt... More

How to make Swedish meatballs

How to make the best Swedish meatballs Swedish meatballs make the perfect hors d'oeuvres for a party but they also go well with rice for a quick meal. You can make a large batch of meatballs and freeze them in containers so that you always have some on hand for times when you are rushed and don't have time to cook. The secret to making great tasting Swedish meatballs is to use ground pork along with... More

How to ice down a keg of beer

Keep your beer cold and refreshing The modern beer keg is typically manufactured from aluminum or stainless steel. They provide a convenient method of storing, transporting and serving beer. Kegs of beer are often served at beer festivals, bars, parties, and celebrations. A keg provides a less expensive option and isn't prone to breakage. While kegs can be purchased in a variety of sizes, the contents are best enjoyed... More

How to give your home a new look by changing the floors

Few things improve the feel of a room like new flooring. As time goes by, the first thing in a home that wears or fades is carpet or even tile and wood floors. So when the time comes to redecorate and give your home a new look you should literally start from the bottom up. So how do you go about choosing and installing your new floors? It is always easier to have a professional come do the job for you, but it is more fun and... More

How to get rid of dandelions

Before we get the juicy part of this how-to on ridding your lawn from dandelion infestation, let's hear about some interesting facts regarding this miraculous flower: - The dandelion is the only flower that represents the 3 celestial bodies of the sun, moon and stars. The yellow flower resembles the sun, the puff ball resembles the moon and the dispersing seeds resemble the stars. - The dandelion flower opens to... More