How to do? Step by step instructions, answers, faq - Part 14
How to get a free sample of Parent’s Choice baby formula

Any parent knows just how expensive formula can be. So even a little bit of free formula can be a big help. Parent's Choice is Walmart's store brand baby formula, and by visiting their website, you can request a free sample. [donate]Instructions Step 1 Go to the Parent’s Choice website Click on the link below to go to the Parent's Choice website. (The website will open in a new... More

Bedroom decor: How to design a Disney princess theme bedroom

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to decorate your child's room in the Disney princess theme. Go to your child's room, and have a real good look at its surrounding, and write down what you see in it (the bed with the pillow, blanket, comforter, etc), the furniture which includes the cupboard, dressing table, etc), the curtain, the walls, and the door) . This will help you create a shopping list on what you need to buy.... More

Bedroom decor: How to design a Disney Cars theme bedroom

Decorating a Child's Bedroom with the Disney Car theme can be really exciting and does not cost a lot of money. All you need is some paint, a little imagination and some decals. I just did mine and it changed the boy's bedroom from a simple sleeping room into their own habitat of "Cars". Creating the background was not a costly task at all, but it did require interior wall paint and a small artist's paint kit that had about a... More

How to change the background color in Microsoft Word 2007

Personalizing and highlighting text in color Microsoft word documents have the potential to be more than black and white images on the computer screen. The software offers ways to make reading easier on the eyes, add highlighting for documents printed in color, and to add a personal touch to a text document. Word 2007 offers at least three ways to add background color to text. The color graphics shown here will take into... More

How to build a bay window seat

How to build seating for a bay window The main reason most people install bay windows is to let light into a room. The other reason is to receive the beautiful scenery outside. A place where one can get lost in their thoughts as the peer out the bay window. A beautiful way to spend a day curled up with as good book or magazine while enjoying the sunlight and beauty from the outside. To enjoy a bay window and get the most... More

How to express and store your breast milk

Have breast milk? Will you hand express or use a breast pump? Will you freeze or refrigerate it? Whichever way you choose to express and store your breast milk. The ultimate goal is provide your baby with mommy's milk. This is my 2nd time around with expressing and storing breast milk. With my first daughter, I hand expressed, used a breast pump and froze the milk. This time, I am using the breast pump and freezing &... More

How to avoid finance charges on credit cards

Ways you can avoid paying the high financing fees charged by credit card companies Credit cards are a necessary evil in today's economy. It is hard to get along without at least one card, especially if you want to make purchases online. You cannot make a hotel reservation online or over the telephone unless you have a credit card and it is impossible to book a flight online without one. Using a credit card to make... More

How to succeed in retail

Appearing confident, a love of people and a passion for meeting the needs of people through sales. If you have these three traits you will succeed in retail and make a lot of money! Money is a great motivator for most of us, including myself. When you are knowledgeable and excited about a product, you are guaranteed success. The money will come when you have found a connection with your potential customers. By... More

How to make microwave pumpkin seed brittle

What do do with fresh pumpkin seeds After making the great Jack-O-Lantern it's sometimes hard to know what to do with the seeds out of the pumpkin - it's very easy to make them into a wonderful pumpkin seed brittle; or you can buy hulled, raw, pumpkin seeds or Pepita to use in this delightful and simple recipe. This tasty concoction comes together quick and easy because it is made in the microwave oven! All that is needed... More

How to sooth a teething baby

Is drooling, biting, crankiness and tears of your baby making you restless? Teething is considered to be a difficult period of a child's developmental stage and some babies may suffer more than others. Wondering how to soothe your teething baby? [donate]Instructions Step 1 Know the signs: Teething can start for babies around 5 months and for some it can be late as their first birthday. Drooling, biting objects,... More