How to do? Step by step instructions, answers, faq - Part 14
How does magnet therapy help with arthritis?

How Does Magnetic Therapy Help with Arthritis? How does magnetic therapy help with arthritis? This is a question where there are two sides to the answer. Hundreds of people will say it is a gift from the heavens and others will say it is a bunch of "bunk." More people with arthritis are drawn to using magnetic therapy than any other group. With some the magnets work very well and with others, they find no relief at... More

How to make macaroni and cheese casserole

Comfort Food Nearly everyone loves Macaroni and Cheese casserole. It is filling, it is easy to make and it contains loads of calcium. Macaroni and cheese may not be the lowest calorie meal you ever eat, but homemade macaroni and cheese is simple to make, suitable for a large crowd and children love it. A big plus is that macaroni and cheese is a great dish in the winter or summer for a pot luck. Not only is it easy to... More

How to sprout beans

Sprouting Beans Bean sprouts are small edible seedlings that make beans into ‘living’ food rich in nutrient elements not found anywhere else. It is now common belief that living food is full of vibrant energy, more so than anything else you consume. Sprouting beans are high in dietary fibre, high in protein, low in calorie, fat and carbohydrate. They are full of vitamins, minerals and iron. They also contain... More

How to replace a water pump in a vehicle

There are a lot of mis-conceptions regarding water pump replacement. Before attempting to replace a water pump, make sure that the pump is the cause of your problem. If the engine is over-heating it is usually a result of low coolant level which could be caused by a leaking hose, gasket, radiator or the water pump. A defective thermostat is the most common cause of engine overheating but this condition will not necessarily... More

How to wire a universal RJ-25 Phone Jack keystone connector

RJ-25 Keystone Phone Jack Older style phone jacks require you to strip some of the insulation off the color coded wires, bend the wire enough so a screw will hold it in place on top of the primary wires terminal, and then you have to turn the screw firmly enough to hold both the primary wire terminal and your main phone wires firmly in place. Sometimes the screws in these jacks become loose and the phone stops working;... More

How to help kids get good grades in school

Children can learn whereever they go and from whomever they're with Childhood education begins at birth, if not in the womb, however, whereas teaching tots to sing ABCs as well as to count can go long ways for helping kids get good grades in school, children can get better educational head starts when they are exposed to other than typical forms of information. Parents and caregivers can easily expose kids to other types... More

How to check the engine oil level on a Vespa ET4 scooter

Regularly check the engine oil in your scooter for long engine life Checking the engine oil level in your Vespa ET4 scooter is one of the most important maintenance items for your scooter. Without engine oil, the scooter engine will seize and incur a major repair bill. Checking the oil on your Vespa ET4 will take 5 minutes and a paper towel. As part of regular scooter maintenance, check your engine oil at least every other... More

How to replace a fuel filter

Replacing a fuel filter is, in most cases, a very simple job for the DIY mechanic. If you are experienced at working on your vehicle it may take as little as five minutes. Even a novice mechanic should be able to do the job in less than a half hour. There may be, however, some tricks that are necessary to do this safely. On older, carbureted vehicles it is likely to be as simple as removing the fuel filter and installing a... More

How to fix a sticking gas pedal

Sticking gas pedals are rare but they do happen. Any thing man made is subject to a flaw when it comes to automobiles and their complex linkages. Corrosion from road salt to dirt roads have been known to throw a monkey wrench in to auto operation. If you have help in trouble shooting the acceleration features of your car, please use it. If not the little saucer shaped, rubber bladder cover to your cars cruise control can... More

How to get followers on Twitter

Followers matter If you are using Twitter to increase your Helium earnings or to gain traffic to a blog or a website, you will need to have followers. Followers are an integral part to successful networking on Twitter and other social networking sites. There are some simple things you can do to get followers on Twitter, it does take some time, patience and dedication. If at all possible, avoid "automatic" following. Using... More