How to do? Step by step instructions, answers, faq - Part 17
How to prune perennials

A guide to pruning perennials For well-shaped plants with an abundance of beautiful blooms, use simple methods to control growth and prolong the flowering period of your perennials. Pruning and thinning perennials improves flowering and keeps plants blooming longer. The result is more and sometimes larger blooms. The following tecnhiques encourage plants that are healthy and bushy to produce an abundance of buds early in... More

How to remember the planets in order

Tips to help your kids remember the planets in order There is something about the mystery and the vastness of the solar system that excites both children and adults alike. Logically, the very first thing all children are required to learn about the solar system is the planets and their proper order. Here are several tips parents and teachers can implement to help their kids remember the planets in proper order (excluding... More

How to save on back-to-school-supplies

Save on back-to-school supplies When the time of year arrives to purchase school supplies for your children it can make a wallet shrink. Now you don't have to fear heading to the store to shop. If you do a few simple steps you can save money. Both you and your wallet will be happier. Stores start stocking supplies early. They expect the back-to-school season to last about two months. This gives you... More

How to grow Mexican sage

If you're wanting a riot of purple in your garden, be sure to include the Mexican sage. You will be rewarded with months of long arching stems, loaded with masses of beautiful flowers. Humming-birds in your area? They too, will be especially attracted to this plant. Not only so eye-catching in your garden throughout the warmest months, but Mexican sage is also perfect for indoors. Cut stems in the cool of the morning,... More

How to make chili beans from scratch

Making family memories There are people who are perfectly happy to eat chili with or without beans from the can, others will use a combination of fresh meats, and vegetables, and add this homemade, or partially homemade portion of a recipe to several cans of prepared beans of one or more varieties. While this will do in a pinch if you don't have half the day to wait, to prepare really homemade chili beans is a labor of... More

How to add your Twitter feed to your Blogger page

Make your Blogger page dynamic by adding your Twitter feed A personal blog and Twitter feed are some of the best ways to stay in touch with friends and family. Separately, these tools are useful, but together, they are a killer combination. They are also effective tools to promote your products if you're running a business. Adding your Twitter feed to your Blogger page can add a sense of dynamism to your Blog and give your... More

How prosperity has overshadowed our values and beliefs

she's from serbia, and her accent is thick though she's been here for 8 years, and knows our pop culture inside out. perhaps because she's an artist painting and observing and expressing and all that. a foil for her petroleum-employed husband, planted in calgary to get the oil but not to get the thoughts out. her unique pack after work is from a flea market, well not actually a 'flea' market, a market when she visited back... More

How to choose the right belt

Something as simple as that strip of leather, fabric, or metal, has the potential to be a very high impact fashion accessory. It's true. Choosing the right belt can make or break your look. Often we downplay, sometimes we even neglect, the importance of the belts we wear. Sadly, belt purchases are generally not a top level shopping priority. Sure, we all know that it's easy to feel overwhelmed by all of the belt buying... More

How to get a bug out of your ear

It can be really frightening to have a bug in an ear canal. But this is something which can be cured quite easily. The most important thing is to stay calm and get the bug out of there as soon as possible. [donate]Instructions Step 1 Whether the bug is in your ear or in someone else's ear you need to start by locating a flashlight... More

How to restore a vintage teardrop trailer

Step 1 Inpect the trailer before moving it from its location Before making arrangements to move theIf the trailer, start with the tires. They may not be flat but if the trailer has been sitting, they may not be road ready. Pull off one tire and check the bearings. Make sure that the trailer will roll. Check out the tongue and the ball. Make sure that you have the correct size hitch. Towing a trailer with a 2-inch hitch is... More