How to do? Step by step instructions, answers, faq - Part 18
How to do alternate bicep curls

Similar to a straight dumbbell curl, the alternate bicep curl is a strength training exercise that focuses on your bicep muscles, but unlike the straight curl it also works your forearms. Adding the alternate bicep curl into your workout routine can provide variety and reduce the plateau or lack of improvement that often occurs when the same exercises are performed over and over again. [donate]Instructions Step... More

How to write a short sale hardship letter

A hardship letter can be key to acceptance into the program As part of your loan modification, or short sale package all lenders ask for the homeowner to write a "hardship letter". This is simply a letter stating to the lender what caused the problem you are having, that has made you fall behind on your mortgage payments. It needs to be only one page in length, and to the point on the circumstances. Some experts advocate... More

How to get your name off telemarketing call lists

Tips for removing your telephone number from telemarketer call lists Are you one of the many people that receives calls from telemarketers at dinner time or when you are watching your favorite TV show? If so, you probably want to know how to put a stop to this so that you can enjoy peace and quiet at home in the evening. Telemarketing calls are very annoying and complaints have been pouring into politicians to do... More

How to capture a screen shot in Mac OS X

Use Mac OSX screen capture features for quick “snapshots” of whole or part of a computer screen Screen captures are useful illustration tools for demonstrating steps in a process or simply "snipping" anything from something on the computer screen. Learn how to use Mac’s OSX screen capture feature in its Preview application, and get a quick start in the process. Also, the Preview application has some handy... More

How to customize the bookmarks toolbar on the Firefox web browser

Add links to your favorite web sites to the top of your Firefox browser web page. The bookmarks tool bar is a vertical strip on top of the Firefox web browser window. When the tool bar is active, you can drag and drop links to your frequently visited web sites. When the bookmark links are attached to the bookmark tool bar, you can edit the names of the links to suit you preferences. This how-to article covers Firefox for... More

How to make baked beans in a crock pot

The ideal go with food Beans are a hearty and healthy alternative to serve with meals. They can be paired up with something as simple as hot dogs or chicken or may be served with steak or pork chops. Instead of buying canned baked beans, you can use this simple recipe to bake beans in your crock pot while you are gone for the day. This recipe is easy to make and you can adapt the spices to suit your individual family... More

How to freeze top row and first column in Excel

Microsoft Excel is capable of holding vast amounts of information on one sheet. However, the amount of data on display is somewhat limited by the size of your screen. Eventually, you may need to scroll down or across sheet in order to view more data. But scrolling through the spreadsheet invariably causes row or column headings to disappear from view. Fortunately, this is easily fixed by freezing the top row or first... More

How Christianity spread in the Roman Empire

Constantine was a hugely influential emperor who changed the course of history and greatly affected the spread and development of Christianity. How much do you know about him? Born at Naissus, Constantine was the son of Constantius I, a Caesar in the tetrarchy (a ruler, but not as powerful as an emperor). As the son of an important politician, Cosntantine was raised in the imperial courts. According to an ancient biographer,... More

How to tell if your breastfeeding baby is not getting enough milk

Signs that your breastfeeding baby is not getting enough to eat. Determining rather or not your baby is receiving adequate nutrition is extremely vital to their well-being. This may be a little more challenging if you choose to breast-feed your child. There are signs however, that can take the guesswork out of determining rather your breastfeeding baby is not getting enough to sustain him or... More

How to choose a gerbil cage

Other than the actual gerbil itself, the cage will be the most important decision that you will make regarding your gerbil. This will be their home for most, if not all, of their lives. They will eat, sleep, play and decorate in it. After a short time, you will see just how important your decision is. Making a wrong decision on a cage for your gerbil can adversely affect their life. If the cage is too small, they will not... More