How to do? Step by step instructions, answers, faq - Part 3
How to use yogurt for skin care

Take advantage of the healing properties of yogurt Yum! Yogurt! Everyone loves the taste of yogurt as a dessert after lunch or as a topping for cereal or a whole host of different foods. It is also an ingredient in numerous recipes. But did you know that yogurt is one of the best products you can use for taking care of your skin? The pro-biotics in yogurt work wonders for cleansing your body and aid in curing yeast... More

How to Avoid Unwanted Internet Ads and Banners

Solve the Internet advertising problem Everywhere users go on the Internet, they are bombarded with advertising. Pop-ups, pop-   Step 2 Get Adblock Plus Adblock Plus is a free add-on for Firefox that allows you to be free of pesky advertising. You can get Adblock Plus from the Mozilla add-on Web site or by going to... More

How to Find a Good Writer for Your Business Marketing Materials

Choosing a Writer for Your Business Needs You might be a master at running your successful business, but what happens if you're ready to grow that business and realize you have no patience for writing the content for your business's marketing materials? Your administrative assistant might be sharp as a tack, but you have her busy on other projects. Hiring someone else isn't the solution either; you only need someone to put... More

How to choose a tennis racquet

The guidelines for choosing a tennis racquet relate a lot to the age of a person. Ensuring a tennis player is comfortable with the racquet they choose is imperative. Critical to this consideration, first of all, is the height and physical strength of the tennis player in question. Racquets for younger people are, for the most part, a lot lighter than those designed for adults. Tennis-playing experience is also another vital... More

How to remove grass stains from clothing

How to clean clothing that has grass stains Having grass stains on clothing does not mean that this item of clothing should be thrown away. Children, especially, get grass stains on the knees of their pants when they are playing in the backyard. Sometimes, they slide over a grassy mound on their bottoms and the backside of the jeans turns green. The stain from the grass is dye from the chlorophyll of the plants and is very... More

How to uninstall a program using CCleaner

There are several different ways you can uninstall a program from your computer. Each way has varying degrees of success, sometimes leaving behind broken registry entries that bog down your system and slow performance. CCleaner is a free program that does many things, including act as an uninstaller. It does a pretty good job of getting rid of all the pieces of a program, and it's easy to use. If you don't have CCleaner... More

How to get your man to do housework

Getting a man to be manly. Although the role of housework has always been associated with the fairer sex, so has baby making and staying at home to prepare meals. Roles have changed. Not only are women expected to compete in the job market, but many men are finding themselves in the situation of being single parents because of circumstance. It's sometimes a psychological battle because women and men don't think the same,... More

How to shrink a cotton T-shirt

How to shrink a cotton t-shirt to a smaller size It is not always that you are able to find clothing that fits you exactly right. You may have purchased a T-shirt in a larger size because that was the only size available and you loved it too much to let a small matter of size prevent you from having it. Now what? If you purchased a cotton T-shirt that is too big for you, the solution is a simple one. You can shrink the... More

How to make amends to someone you have hurt

As humans we all make mistakes All of us are human, therefore, we all have done things to hurt someone at some point in our life. Whether it is a small mistake or a large transgression, we are aware of it in the small recesses of our mind even many years after the fact. We realize that we need to make amends for those hurts, but how to do it is not easy. You cannot erase the past. You can only go... More

How to decorate a red, white, and blue flag cake

Nothing says summer (here in America) more than a tribute to "Old Glory" using a flag cake. You will be center stage when you show up at any patriotic celebration with this glorious red, white, and blue creation. Let your delicious pre-baked cake be the palate upon which you lavish creamy white buttercream icing, bright red strawberries, an ocean of blueberry, and mountains of white coconut for a grand flag... More