How to do? Step by step instructions, answers, faq - Part 4
How to hypnotize someone

How to secretly hypnotize someone in three minutes or less It takes less than 10 minutes to hypnotize somebody, bearing in mind that not everyone can be hypnotized and the ways to hypnotize are easy and straight forward. It is important to know that hypnosis works on someone who is willing to be hypnotized and a person of strong will and character is more difficult to hypnotize. Hypnotizing anybody works in the following... More

How to keep your teeth for life

It isn't so hard to keep your teeth for life. All it involves is good dental hygiene and a nourishing diet. If your mouth is over-crowded then it is important to be seen by an orthodontist who willoffer advice on teeth extraction and straightening. This will then make keeping your teeth for lifeeasier to do.It is important to get children seen asearly as possible by an ortodontist for corrective treatment, this will then... More

How to become a book reviewer

Make money writing book reviews If you love reading, and like to share your thoughts about the books you read, you can make money writing book reviews and promoting books. Earn income online from book reviews posted on your own book blog. Get paid to write book reviews, knowledge articles and literary analysis. Sell content for websites that need book reviews. [donate]Instructions Step 1 First Step - start... More

How much does culture and lifestyle affect behavior?

A question that comes up frequently in many conversations is how does culture and lifestyle affect behavior? Culture is a set of shared beliefs and attitudes by a group of people whereas lifestyle is a chosen way of living. To question whether culture and lifestyle affect behavior is to imply erroneously that an individual has no responsibility for his/her behavior because of the culture and/or lifestyle. People's... More

How to look inside a proton

A proton has a diameter of just 1 femtometer, or 0.000000000000001 meters. This is around 100,000,000,000 times smaller than this dot: . So, looking inside protons requires great ingenuity. In normal life we can use visible light to study objects. If we shine a light on something, the light bounces off of the object and reaches our eyes, enabling us to see the object. If something is really small, then we can use a microscope... More

How to make a purse from old blue jeans

Create a beautiful purse from your worn out blue jeans When your favorite pair of blue jeans reaches the stage that you can no longer wear them, you don't have to throw them in the trash. The seams in the top part of the pants are very strong and you can make a denim purse that will complement your outfit for casual use. You don't need to have any sewing talent to create this project. Just follow the instructions and see... More

How to hold and use a pair of chopstick

Holding and eating with a pair of chopsticks A pair of chopsticks is one of the most versatile food utensils and is mainly used by the Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans. It's actually two vertical narrow "sticks" which could be made out of wood, bamboo, plastic, melamine or steel of about 6 to 8 inches. Proper holding and maneuvering of the chopsticks will enable most food to be picked-up to be placed into the mouth with... More

How to make money with your poetry

Should you quit your day job to be a poet?   Unless you have enough savings to retire, the answer is probably "no". However, if you enjoy writing poetry, there are several ways to turn your poems into pocket change. This guide will help you start making money on your poems as soon as you are ready! [donate]Instructions Step 1 ... More

How mountains are created and destroyed

Living at the foot of Pikes Peak brings a sense of awe and wonder. The massive rise of the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains is and omnipresent symbol of the forces of geology. The colossal summit of these mountains, more than a mile above a city already more than a mile above sea level inspired Katherine Lee Bates to write about "purple mountains majesty" in her song "America the Beautiful". But, just what was it that... More

ESTA Application Online

Does a traveler ever need to reapply for a travel authorization through ESTA? There are multiple situations when you might need to reapply for your ESTA authorization. You should submit a new application if: Your passport expires, and you receive a new passport; You change your legal or gender name for any reason; Your life circumstances change in a way that would make any of your previous ‘yes’ or ‘no’... More