How to do? Step by step instructions, answers, faq - Part 4
How to find unclaimed property in California

Don't be fooled There has been an entire industry created around helping people locate unclaimed assets. All too frequently, companies send blind emails or hard copy mail to people telling them that there may be assets held by a state government that rightfully belong to them. In some cases, this is accurate (e.g., that there are funds that belong to them). However, there is no need to pay to have someone identify or claim... More

How to locate wall studs

How to find studs in your walls Anchoring pictures and heavy objects to the studs in your walls is the safest practice. Locating the studs is not that difficult and there are a few ways that you can do this. [donate]Instructions Step 1 The most reliable method for locating studs is by using an electronic stud finder. You can purchase a fairly inexpensive one at most hardware stores. Follow the directions that apply... More

How to plan your career path

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was a freshman in college. Like many students I had to work my way through school. I landed a part-time job at Sears. I saw it as a means to an end that would last a few months. My great-aunt happened to hear about my new job and made a point of congratulating me on my new career position. She encouraged me that I had a bright future ahead of me selling houseware fixtures. I did not... More

How to cook once and feed your family for a week

One time cooking solution Today, we are all busier than ever and anything we can do to help us save time is generally welcome. One of the things that consumes a lot of time is making meals every evening. However, this does not have to consume more than twenty or thirty minutes after you return home at night if you plan well! Families love variety in their meals and we are interesting in providing them meals they love... More

How to knit cable stitches

Cable stitches are used in traditional Aran knitting and are a way of raising the pattern to give a cross over effect. In the Scottish Highlands, the Aran knitting was traditionally used for fishermen, and was performed with home spun wool. In this day and age, Aran wool is more easily available, and you can use cable stitch to great effect. The basics are extremely easy, and once you learn them, you will be able to follow... More

How to develop a fictional setting

Constructing a setting template to develop your story's world Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 In its simplest form, setting is the combination of time and place for your story. It can include not only physical environment but any cultural factor that may impact the behavior and thoughts of a character. When combined with solid character development, a rich setting will make your... More

How to find the MAC address of your BlackBerry Bold 9650

A device's MAC address can be useful when you are using MAC address filtering for your wireless network. Like computers, printers, and routers, smart phones that are capable of connecting to Wi-Fi networks have their own unique MAC address. You can find the MAC address for your BlackBerry Bold 9650 easily by following the steps below. [donate]Instructions Step 1 Go into the Options screen From the main screen, scroll... More

How to make a ghost garland

A little translucent and a fun craft This garland is a fun Halloween craft for kids to make. It is rather flimsy and does not usually last more than one season. However, it is a family favorite and every year it seems like one or two strings have to be made, strung and hung. It also seems like every year there is a new kind of glue that helps to make this project a little bit more fun as... More

How to cast off in knitting

Easy ways to cast off stitches for knitting projects Casting off the stitches left on the needle is one of the final parts of finishing a part of your knitting project. Depending on the type of project you are working on you may have to cast off stitches many times. A blanket that is knit in one piece will require this action only once, but knitting a sweater means that you have to cast off the stitches on... More

How to properly rinse your hair

What is the right way to rinse your hair? Do you rinse your hair in cold water? Or do you rinse it in hot water? What do you think it's better? And why? According to my experience rinsing hair with cold water at the end of a shower closes the cuticle. You can see a difference in your hair when you do a final cold water rinse: yes, big difference in how your hair looks and feels. I have found that a cold rinse makes a glossy... More