How to do? Step by step instructions, answers, faq - Part 8
How to make your ex jealous

It's a truly immature concept, there will be no arguments from me. The mature adult simply accepts that their relationship is over, and takes strides towards moving on from the whole ordeal. The reality is, however, that sometimes no matter how old we are, the break up is simply not mature. Maybe he cheated, maybe she lied, maybe the circumstances surrounding the demise of your once cherished union were cold hearted,... More

How to build self esteem in preteen girls

Ways to help preteen girls increase their self-esteem Pre teen girls, just due to their age, are a little self conscious to begin with and whenever anyone refers to their style, look, clothing, body type, weight, height, or almost anything about them or their friends, their music, their ideas, they begin to worry about the statement. Try to not be critical. Not quite a teen and surely no longer a little girl, all the... More

How to get the Lady Gaga look

Lady Gaga has hit #1 on the charts in six countries, started piling up one accolade after another as fast as she can accept them, and to top it all off Lady G has inspired some of the hottest fashion trends around right now. If you're a fan of Lady Gaga, or just a fan of her style, you can pull off the same look without a ton of effort or money, it just takes some patience and imagination. If you want to partially or fully... More

How to have a safe Peace Corps life abroad

When I told my family that I would be serving as an English teacher with the Peace Corps in Lesotho, many of their responses bordered on fear. My grandmother especially thought that Africa was a dangerous place and as a young woman, I wouldn't be safe on my own. I saw serving in the Peace Corps as an adventure as a way to live in a part of the world that I otherwise would not be able to experience. Africa was my region of... More

How are ethnic minorities portrayed in the media

Native Americans are often shown is a wide variety of images. Many of these depictions reinforce stereotypes of American Indians. Indians wear buckskins and feathers; they are unintelligent brutes; they attack peaceful white settlers; they are fading anachronisms of the western landscape. The consistent image, however, of Native Americans is that of outsider. The American Indian has been shown often as brutal killers of... More

How to make homemade barbeque sauce

How to make homemade barbeque sauce Homemade barbecue sauce is wonderful, it comes in many flavors, styles and types. You will find so many uses for it. Pulled pork, barbecued chicken, steaks, beef or country style pork ribs. It's great for dipping too, for some chicken wings, chicken tenders or whatever comes to mind. There are thousands of recipes out there and it is hard to choose from so many. Try bottling your sauce... More

How to count back change

Counting change does still matter! More often than not today when entering a store, consumers are faced with electronic cash registers that tell the cashier everything they need to know. When faced with a malfunction, all too often these cashiers cannot deal with the very basics of their job which is to provide accurate change to a customer. Counting change at one time was something that most people were taught at a very... More

How to give a soothing hand massage

Step-by-step hand massage Your hands are among the most overworked parts of your body, so why not treat them kindly and keep them in top condition with a regular massage? We read the tips from massage parlor, and in this article we decided to tell you how it is done. A hand massage can be beneficial in two ways - physically and emotionally calming. When essential oils are added to... More

How to lock a cell reference in Microsoft Excel

Make copying and pasting formulas easier by locking cell references Copying and pasting in Microsoft Excel can be a bit of a minefield if you don't know what you're doing. If you use the cut command, you'll bring a whole new dimension to this discussion. When copying and pasting a formula in Excel, make sure you know exactly what your new destination cell is referring to. If you don't lock down or fix your cell reference,... More

How to celebrate July 4th in an economic downturn

Inexpensive celebration Considering the economic news and forecasts, it is hard to think about celebrating the 4th of July without spending hard-to-come-by cash. Celebrating on a shoe string budget can be challenging but possible. Due to many of our nation's city budget restrictions, things like free firework displays or meeting your family to picnic at free park services may not be available this year. There are other... More