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How to write a covered call option

Looking for a neutral or slightly bullish position? Writing a covered call allows you to take a take a moderately bullish stance on a stock. By writing a covered call, you can earn a solid return on your investment if the stock stays at its current price. Even if the stock declines slightly, you... More

How to withdraw 401k money with no penalty

Avoiding penalties on early 401K withdrawals Your company-matched 401K is a critical tool in building your financial house. For many people, reaching out and using these funds is an archane magic. Handled properly, you can access 401K funds when you need them, without incurring a... More

How to Claim the Saver’s Tax Credit

Lower taxes with the retirement savings contribution credit Tax credits help lower money owed to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The retirement savings contribution credit is one of several tax credits that enable tax payers to reduce their taxes via contributions to retirement accounts such... More

How to buy and sell stocks

Getting started in the stock market. Buying and selling stocks can be a way to help build your nest egg or even a way to make a living. It can also result in a significant financial loss. This how-to will offer some ideas for investing as safely and profitably as... More