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How to avoid sore nipples while breast-feeding

Preventing sore nipples while breastfeeding. Although beautiful and full of rich benefits for both mother and child, the breastfeeding process is not free of its own set of challenges. One of the major problems experienced by breastfeeding mothers is sore nipples. There are several factors... More

How to tell if your breastfeeding baby is not getting enough milk

Signs that your breastfeeding baby is not getting enough to eat. Determining rather or not your baby is receiving adequate nutrition is extremely vital to their well-being. This may be a little more challenging if you choose to breast-feed your child. There are signs however, that can take the... More

How to get a free sample of Parent’s Choice baby formula

Any parent knows just how expensive formula can be. So even a little bit of free formula can be a big help. Parent's Choice is Walmart's store brand baby formula, and by visiting their website, you can request a free sample. [donate]Instructions Step 1 Go to the Parent’s Choice... More

How to help your baby sleep through the night

It is a monumental milestone for parents and baby when the baby masters sleeping through the night. It makes for more rest for everyone and a happier morning. There are many therioes and ideas about how to make this happen. These are the ones that work most often. At the grandparent stage there... More

How to sterilize baby bottles

Sterilizing baby bottles the old fashion way - in four easy steps. Sterilizing baby bottles is just one of the daily activities parents must do to protect the health of their infant. While the idea of sterilization may seem complicated to first time parents, the process is... More

How to tell when your breast milk has come in

Colostrum is a newborn’s first heavy-duty dose of nutrients. This rich, thick substance is like the cream on top of the milk. During the two to six days following a baby’s birth, colostrum gradually transitions to a thinner, clearer mature milk which is also rich in nutrients. While... More

How to install a carseat

Steps to properly installing a car seat According to the book, Caring for your Baby and Young Child, "each year, more children between one and nineteen are killed in car crashes than by any other cause." Sadly, many of these untimely deaths could have been... More

How to pack a diaper bag for an overnight stay

Being prepared for a night out with baby. The diaper bag is an essential tool for moms who are on the move. With common sense and a little experience, moms find that this really does help in looking after baby's needs. The diaper bag needs to be reasonably sturdy, as it will get a lot of use and... More

How to choose a baby carrier

What to look for when choosing a baby carrier Baby carriers (also endearingly dubbed baby-wearing) have become extremely popular among parents nowadays. Combining hands free carrying with safety and convenience, front and back carriers are becoming a great baby accessory amongst the Hollywood... More

How to cope with diaper leakage

Whoa, Baby! It's the middle of the night, and your baby is awake, and soaked. Pajamas, bedding, and diapers all are wet and must be changed. How did this happen, and more importantly, how can it be prevented in the future? This zone will examine several options for preventing diaper leakage...... More