How to help your baby sleep through the night

It is a monumental milestone for parents and baby when the baby masters sleeping through the night. It makes for more rest for everyone and a happier morning.

There are many therioes and ideas about how to make this happen. These are the ones that work most often.

At the grandparent stage there is probably a lot more to learn. It is always important to share information.


Step 1

Prepare the sleeping area

A baby needs to feel comfortable and secure to sleep through the night. The bed room environment helps to ensure the child is comfortable.

Focus on the temperature. Make sure it is an appropriate sleeping temperature for the child.

Make sure the crib, mattress and accessories meet the requirements of the pediatrician for safe sleep.

A small night light is a good idea, so parents can slip in and quietly check on the baby.

Step 2

Give the child a variety of tools

Teaching a child to fall asleep in a number of different situations is helpful to the baby. For example, a baby that can fall asleep being rocked, nursed off, in a car, listening to quiet music, and being read to has many options.

The routine really should be the bed time, not necessarily how the child falls asleep.

Have family members take turns putting the baby to bed. Again it gives the baby more skills and choices.

Step 3

Provide comfort with the child in the crib

Once the baby has been put to bed, the baby stays in bed. Change a diaper with the baby in the crib. Gently speak to the baby. Rub his arms, back or tummy. Stretch him out. The key is that all this happens without picking up the baby and removing him from the crib.

Then use one of the options to help the child sleep that can be accomplished from a distance. Things like soothing music or softly reading a book from the other side of the room.

Step 4

Habits take time to develop

There will be some rough nights. Learning new habits takes time. A baby who is used to eating during the night is adjusting to six or seven hours without food.

Things Needed
• Appropriate sleeping area
• Music
• Books
• Night lite

Tips & Warnings
• Keep bedtime with a 30 minute schedule
• Don’t remove the baby from the crib
• Keep following the process


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