How to install a carseat

How to install a carseat

Steps to properly installing a car seat

According to the book, Caring for your Baby and Young Child, "each year, more children between one and nineteen are killed in car crashes than by any other cause."

Sadly, many of these untimely deaths could have been prevented if the children involved were properly restrained by use of a car seat.

While choosing the right car seat for your child is only half the battle, knowing how to install it properly is just as vital to your little ones safety.

Listed below, are the steps you need to know when attempting to properly install a car seat.


Step 1

Where to install a car seat

The back seat has been deemed the safest place for all children to ride no matter what age.

Therefore, a car seat should never be installed in the front passenger seat of an automobile.

Step 2

Follow instructions

Every car seat should be accompanied with a set of installation instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Be sure to follow these instructions to the letter, as well as the installation procedures detailed in the vehicle’s owner’s manual.

Step 3

Seat-belt placement and the LATCH system

The vehicle’s seat-belts should be threaded through the correct paths or designated spaces in the car seat. In addition, the car seat should be buckled in tightly and securely.

Newer forward facing car seat models are usually equipped with the LATCH system, and this should be securely and properly enabled as well.

Step 4

Rear or forward facing

How to position the car seat will be determined by the child’s age and size. A car seat for an infant should be installed facing the rear.

Once the child turns a year old, or reaches 20 lbs. and above, then the car seat can be installed facing forward.

Step 5

Get those shoulder straps in place

Ensure to adjust the car seat’s straps to your baby’s size.

Shoulder straps should always come through the slots level with or just below the infant’s shoulders and crotch straps should be kept short.

In addition, ensure all the straps are flat instead of twisted, and adjust them to fit nice and snug.

Things Needed
✯ The right car seat for your child
✯ Manufacturer’s installation instructions
✯ Vehicle’s owner’s manual installation instructions
✯ Pool noodle

Tips & Warnings
✯ Always follow written installation instructions to the letter. This will ensure your child’s safety.
✯ Use a pool noodle when installing the base of an infant car seat. This helps adust the angle of the vehicle’s seat to the car seat’s base.
✯ When using a base for an infant car seat, always ensure it is secured tightly with the vehicle’s seat belt.
✯ For car seats that come equipped with the LATCH system, ensure that it is always in use when installing in the vehicle.


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