How to pack a diaper bag for an overnight stay

Being prepared for a night out with baby.

The diaper bag is an essential tool for moms who are on the move. With common sense and a little experience, moms find that this really does help in looking after baby’s needs. The diaper bag needs to be reasonably sturdy, as it will get a lot of use and abuse, and when choosing one, bear in mind that plenty of space is needed for all of those little items baby might need. It is so easy to forget something vital, though if you buy one and allocate different pockets for different elements, you can avoid this mistake, and not have to worry about having left anything behind.


Step 1

Make a checklist to carry with you.

As your baby grows, their needs will change, though having a small notebook where you can write your checklist is essential. If, for example, you are using a particular brand of baby powder, or creams for rashes, be sure to add these to your notebook, so that they do not get forgotten. This should include all the things you believe that baby will need for 24 hours, so take a note the day beforehand of all the items you take for granted in caring for baby.

Step 2


The clothing you pack should give you adequate changes in case of emergency. Babies are not predictable, and certainly cannot be expected to be. A baby may suffer from collic, may have accidents, and may need to change more frequently than normal due to the upset of travel. Ensure that you have sufficient clothing to allow for all eventualities.

Step 3

Diapers and associated contents.

Try and remember to pack sufficient diapers for the time spent away. To calculate this, look at the pattern you use in the 24 hours before you go. You will need diapers and all the necessary creams and powders used, plus a sufficiently large waste bag which is leakproof, to keep those dirty diapers in until you are at a convenient place to dispose of them. Never take for granted that facilities are available for your baby’s dirty diapers.

Step 4

Extra items.

Remember to pack an extra terry diaper. This is valuable for many different uses. If you have a clean terry diaper, you can use this as a changing mat, and it really does come in useful during the time you are away.

Step 5

Baby wipes and clean-up items.

These need to be as small as possible to make more space in your bag. If you can use disposable ones these are much smaller to pack and come in neat kits. Similarly bibs and special creams for the baby’s skin can be put into their own section and kept neatly available for use when required. Remember to pack all washing items used for the baby. Always carry a bottle of water for emergency cleanups.

Step 6

Keeping dry items separate from clean ones.

Pack the diapers and clothing together, and always leave an outside pocket for all those items which get soiled. By keeping these separate, you are ensuring that baby gets clean smelling clothing and diapers and that the stained items do not come into contact with other stored bits and pieces.

Step 7


It is vital that medicines have their own compartment. The reason for this is that they need to be stored dry, and also easily available. A side pocket is ideal since the mom will be able to reach these easily, even if only stopping for a short time to ensure that baby gets their medicines on time.

Things Needed
• Notebook for checklist.
• Large diaper bag.
• Separate waterproof container for soiled items.
• Clothing.
• Baby powder.
• Baby lotions.
• Flannel and wash items.
• Medicines.
• Diapers.
• Wipes.
• Bottle of water.

Tips & Warnings
• Make a checklist the day before of all the items you use for baby within a 24 hour period, so that you don’t forget anything.


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