How to sterilize baby bottles

Sterilizing baby bottles the old fashion way — in four easy steps.

Sterilizing baby bottles is just one of the daily activities parents must do to protect the health of their infant.

While the idea of sterilization may seem complicated to first time parents, the process is very simple.

Here is a guide to sterilizing baby bottles the old fashioned way — in four easy steps


Step 1

Depending on the size and amount of bottles being sterilized, fill a medium to large pot with water enough to cover the baby bottles.

Turn the burner on medium and set the water to boil.

Step 2

While waiting for the water to boil, disassemble the baby bottles — the nipple covers from the nipples, the lids from the bottle, and the nipples from the lids.

Step 3

Once the water comes to a boil, carefully place the bottles, lids, and nipples in the water using metal or plastic tongs.

Step 4

Let the parts boil for five to ten minutes.

Remove with tongs and place in a dish drain to air dry.

Things Needed
✯ Large or medium pot
✯ Tongs
✯ Dish drain or dish cloth
✯ Water

Tips & Warnings
✯ The heat from the boiling water will destroy the germs and bacteria found in and on newly purchased bottle and bottle parts. There is no need to add soap.
✯ Boiling bottles over the exceeded time limit may cause them to break down, warp, or melt.
✯ Never wear loose fitting clothing while sterilizing bottles, and ensure that no children are in the vicinity during the process.
✯ Always sterilize newly purchased baby bottles before use. Once used, wash baby bottles with soap and water, then sterlize.


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