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How to safely store breast milk

Pediatricians agree that breast milk is the best option for an infant. In today's busy world many mothers find the need to express milk and store it. This allows the infant to have breast milk when the mother is not present. It is very important to store this breast milk so the infant enjoys the... More

How to sterilize baby bottles in the microwave or dishwasher

Sterilizing baby bottles quickly and efficiently Gone are the days of sterilizing baby bottles the old fashioned way. Due to busier days and a more hectic lifestyle, parents have deemed it necessary to find faster, yet effective techniques to get even the simplest tasks... More

How to tell if your baby has an ear infection

Signs that your baby has an ear infection. Ear infections are just one of the common childhood illnesses parents and kids have to face. Especially is this so during a child's first few years of life. According to the book Caring for Your Baby and Young Child, "two thirds of all children have at... More

How to tell if your breastfeeding baby is getting enough milk

Signs that your breastfeeding baby is getting enough milk. Breastfeeding affords both mother and baby with a bevy of benefits. However, unlike the tangible proof bottle-feeding affords a mother, determining rather or not your breastfed baby is getting enough can be quite a challenge. There are... More

How to slowly wean a breastfeeding baby

Weaning a baby successfully Studies have shown the numerous benefits breastfeeding has on both baby and mother. How long a mother chooses to breastfeed her baby may range from several weeks to several years. Eventually, due to the natural developmental stages of a baby, the time to wean is... More

How to fatten up your baby — if advised by your pediatrician

Ways to help your child gain weight as healthily as possible on doctor's orders. Weight is an important factor pediatricians use to determine if your child is healthy and whether they're growing at an acceptable rate. Weight and height are examined at each pediatric appointment, documented, and... More

How to help a sick baby

Ways to quickly calm and soothe a sick baby When your baby is sick there is nothing you would stop at to provide your precious one with the comfort he so needs. Although Mom and Dad may deal with sleepless nights from walking the floor with their little one, baby suffers the... More

How to buy a used baby bed

What to look for when purchasing a used baby bed To save money, many parents are opting to buy used baby equipment instead of new. While purchasing certain used equipment is a no-brainer, when looking to buy a used baby bed there are several things a parent needs to be aware of. Therefore, for... More

How to treat cradle cap

Treating cradle cap in babies and toddlers Cradle cap can happen to any baby or toddler. It appears as yellow, greasy scaly patches on their scalp, thought to be caused by over-active sebaceous glands, and possibly linked to eczema. As it dries, the hair becomes matted, and it can... More

How to mix rice cereal in a baby bottle

Getting your baby started on rice cereal Doctors recommend that you not feed babies cereal until they are at least three months old. The first cereal babies eat is rice cereal because it is very fine and can easily be mixed with the formula in the bottle. It has to be very watery because this is... More