How to build self esteem in preteen girls

How to build self esteem in preteen girls

Ways to help preteen girls increase their self-esteem

Pre teen girls, just due to their age, are a little self conscious to begin with and whenever anyone refers to their style, look, clothing, body type, weight, height, or almost anything about them or their friends, their music, their ideas, they begin to worry about the statement. Try to not be critical.

Not quite a teen and surely no longer a little girl, all the changes taking place can seem overwhelming to them. They fall victim to their imagination, their sensitivity, and the perplexing way life seems to be dealing with them at this age. They feel uncertain, awkward, and impatient to grow up since this feeling at the pre teen age is not wholly pleasant. Here are some ways to encourage them and build their self esteem.


Step 1

Find their best look

Help them to find their best look. Sometimes their awkwardness translates into a look that makes them less attractive. Often, they follow a trendy style which is all wrong for them. Help them find the right style that compliments their own looks.

Step 2

Don’t use false flattery

Do not lie to them about their ‘beauty’ or great body if it is untrue. Help them to learn to live with their shortcomings while trying to improve them.

Step 3

Emphasize good qualities

Help them emphasize their good qualities such as their intelligence, friendliness, helpfulness, athletic ability or skills and hobby proficiency.Everyone has sometymg they are good at, let them focus on those things instead of their weight or bad hair texture.

Step 4

Emphasize good health

Help them to keep themselves healthy in order to improve their looks and their chances for socializing and active events. Remind them that dieting, drinking lots of water and exercising are things they can do easily to imporve their health. Tell them healthy kids do not miss out on stuff since they are always available for a good time.

Step 5

Keep their life well-rounded

Help them become well rounded. Encourage many activities, especially if making friends is hard for them. Every young lady should engage in something athletic, something artistic, and something scholastic. Add to this hobbies, new cultural experiences and helping in charitable enterprises and they will gain confidence.

Step 6

Help them achieve financial equality within reason

Let them earn some money so they have a chance to keep up with their peers in most areas of life. A child not equal in financial resources can often feel unequal to their classmates, even feel like an outcast.

Step 7

Embrace uniqueness

Help them learn to embrace their own uniqueness. Being an individual is very helpful in later life even though they all want to be cookie cutter likenesses of each other in middle school.

Step 8

Only engage in real praise

Praise them when it is due, not just to make them feel better since they will see right through that false praise. Genuine compliments about real things they do exceptionally well or when they look really great are more valuable than meaningless praise.

Step 9

Dispel the myths that become truths for them

Reassure them when their wrong thinking messes up their head. They might get an idea their feet are too big or their ears are too small or any number of other strange things which can really affect their self-esteem.

Step 10

Make home a loving haven

Give them so much real love at home that their low self esteem is not fed there. You cannot protect them from all bad things. You cannot prevent them from feeling inferior sometimes, especially when away from home. You can, however, build them up and make them feel so special at home that they will still excel and have a healthy attitude about themselves.

Things Needed
• Love
• Patience
• Understanding
• Empathy
• Chances to explore, develop, and learn new things

Tips & Warnings
• Remind you pre teen girl that a smile and being freindly and helpful go a long way to having kids like you.
• When promoting their uniqueness, take care not to make them seem odd
• Expose them to new situations as often as possible, especailly when you are with them
• Encourage pre teen girls to keep learning new things until they find a niche where they excel


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    Proctor  06.03.2018 06:08

    S.E. thanks for commenting and your wonderful advice. You are right on about unconditiinal love; we learned that as group home parents. Would make a great how-to- you should write it.

    Manston  07.04.2018 05:37

    Virginia, thanks for the comment. You can never start too early

    Laham  13.04.2018 11:23

    Very good tips. I have two toddler girls and am starting to build their self esteem early.

    Elliot  05.05.2018 01:51

    The one thing every parent can offer is unconditional love and they can offer it all the time and in every situation. All of the advice in this article is excellent but at the base of it all is the underlying them — unconditional love; when kids know they have that, they are more likely to gain and keep self-esteem.

    Goddy  21.05.2018 15:07

    S.E. thanks for commenting and your wonderful advice. You are right on about unconditiinal love; we learned that as group home parents. Would make a great how-to- you should write it.

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