How to celebrate a buy-nothing Christmas

Give great gifts without spending a fortune
How to celebrate a buy-nothing Christmas

Christmas is a time to gather with family and friends. It’s a time for good food, good fun and usually a gift exchange. But over the years, through heavy commercialization, the gift exchange has taken centre stage over all other Christmas activities. This usually leaves people frantically searching crowded stores looking for the perfect gift and with a large credit card bill once Christmas is over.

Gifts do not have to be expensive, they do not even have to cost anything, instead you can celebrate a buy-nothing Christmas and give gifts that were handmade and come from the heart. Celebrating a buy-nothing Christmas is easy to do and will cause you to reflect more about who you love and what is important to you this holiday season without costing you a fortune.


Step 1

Plan your gifts

Creating homemade Christmas gifts is more time consuming than just going to the store and buying them. It can be very helpful to plan ahead and think about what you what to give well before the holiday season starts.

Create a list with all the people you want to give a gift to. Go over the list and try to think of what those people enjoy, what makes them happy and what type of gifts you could make for them.

Step 2

Create a budget

A buy-nothing Christmas means different things to different people: some people will try to not buy anything while others will allow a small budget for supplies used to make their gifts.

It is important that you decide what your supplies budget will be. Part of the reason to celebrate a buy-nothing Christmas is to lower your spending during the holidays. With this in mind it doesn’t make much sense to spend as much or more on supplies than you normally would on gifts.

Step 3

Make some food

Everyone enjoys good food and if you like making it than why not share something tasty this Christmas?

Baked goods, such as muffins or bread are always appreciated. Or perhaps you know how to can food and can make some jam or pickles. Candy and desserts, such as fudge and cookies, are always received with a smile!

Step 4

Give some artwork

Whether you enjoy photography, painting, drawing or writing poetry, a piece of your artwork is a gift that any receiver would cherish.

You don’t have to do a large piece of artwork either. Perhaps combine several smaller pieces into a mini-collection or get a few art cards printed for family members.

A personal comic book staring your recipient or a poem written just for them are gifts that can be enjoyed over and over.

Step 5

Give your time

A gift doesn’t have to be something physical, instead a gift of your time is very special.

You can make a custom gift certificate for a set amount of your time for doing a certain task, such as cutting the lawn or doing dishes.

You can also make a gift certificate for a special occasion with you, like a romantic dinner or trip to a museum.

Step 6

Build something

If you’re handy or crafty than creating something is worth considering.

Knit, crocheted or sewn items are great because not only are they handmade and beautiful but they are something that the recipient will wear and get great use from.

If woodworking is more up your alley than maybe a custom cutting board or picture frame would be a good gift to try making.

Things Needed
• Family and friends to celebrate the holiday with and to give gifts to
• Time to make/create gifts

Tips & Warnings
• Gifts are not necessary to celebrate Christmas, spending time with family and friends is more important


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    Plummer  23.12.2015 05:25

    Great ideas!

    Cantrill  14.03.2016 13:15

    This is a good guide Kim!I do some woodworking, and I made some scroll saw wooden ornaments for my coworkers one year that everyone absolutely loved. One person commented how what I made was more like what they would have been able to buy in Germany.Keep up the good work.

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