How to celebrate July 4th in an economic downturn

Inexpensive celebration

Considering the economic news and forecasts, it is hard to think about celebrating the 4th of July without spending hard-to-come-by cash. Celebrating on a shoe string budget can be challenging but possible.

Due to many of our nation’s city budget restrictions, things like free firework displays or meeting your family to picnic at free park services may not be available this year.

There are other alternatives for you and your family if you get real creative. Planning does not have to be elaborate to create a memory. Simple is better and stress free.


Step 1

Research Our History

Assign several members of your family to dig up a historical story or two they might share on the 4th of July about why we celebrate. Provide resoures such as the internet or library, newpapers, and magazines to search for interesting stories.

Step 2

Spread A Blanket

Plan a picnic at home and save on the gas to get somewhere. Make it a family decision and pow wow as to what you will eat. Assign one or two family members to make a dessert. Get creative and delegate. It’s way more fun for you if the stress of having to do it all is relieved.

Step 3

Invite People

Invite some friends over or better yet, your neighbors or people you don’t know as well. Use the holiday to get to know someone while relaxing. Ask them to bring a dish, lawn chair and their own place setting. This will allow you to not stress over details. Most people will be glad to feel a part of your invitation by bringing something to help out.

Step 4

Purchase Sight And Sounds

Purchase your own fireworks. This does not have to be expensive. A few sparklers and little items that go boom in the night will do. Ask people who will be attending to bring them if they have any. This may not be as large as a city firework display but the hands on might be more exciting for children and adults alike. Play some patriotic music. A selection could be found a your local library.

Things Needed
• Back yard
• Blankets and chairs
• Food & Drink
• Fireworks

Tips & Warnings
• Use caution and follow safety instructions when handling fireworks
• Find inexpensive decorations at a local thrift store
• A welcoming spirit will do more for people than what you provide materially


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