How to have a romantic 4th of July

How to add romance to the 4th of July

A romantic 4th of July includes good food, relaxation and a day committed to the man/woman of choice. The fireworks display adds to the romance and creates memories that will last a lifetime. Making the day memorable includes taking advantage of celebrations already prepared by our own communities and adding some personal touches to make them unique and thoughtful. Watching a fireworks display from a distance allows for visual romance where only the beating of your loving hearts should be the only sound.


Step 1

Plan ahead

Prepare a picnic basket — Take your loved one to the park, find a shady area to observe the local families playing and surprise your sweetheart with a basket filled with decadent treats as well as the usual favorite picnic fare. Pack a slice of his/her favorite dessert. Pack long-stem glassware (plastic works best) and a bottle of chilled red apple cider (pomegranate or strawberry). Take a long stroll down by the lake, river or around the park and take the time to talk and share the world around you.

Step 2

Go to the fair

July 4th celebrations are meant to be fun and easy, local fairs are fun, winning and competing in games is fun. Giving her/him your first win as a memento of your special day is priceless. Ride the merry-go-round or Ferris wheel together. Enjoy some cotton candy, and take numerous pictures of the two of you on this day. This day is yours, you are creating the mood and even though the rest of the world is up and about, they are the supporting cast to your private world.

Step 3

Capture it!

Give your loved one a one-time use digital camera and keep one for yourself. Take as many shots of each other in candid moments or having fun. Create an on-line album a few days later and have the album printed with descriptions of the day. The albums only cost a few dollars and can be personalized in a variety of fabrics, colors, leather, etc. The pages can be customized to your liking as well. Kodak, Walgreens, Costco and many on-line stores will deliver right to your door.

A favorite picture can be printed on a coffee mug for the office or a keychain. Consider how many memorable things can be created out of a few snapshots that will keep the memories alive for years to come.

Step 4


A romantic dinner can be anything you want it to be: it could be home cooked, Chinese take-out, hamburgers and French fries. What matters is the setting. A hill above the city will yield impressive views while you dine on cold chicken and fruit or gourmet cheese and crackers. Get ready to enjoy the spectacular display without the noise and the crowds. Kiss, hug, and tell each other how you feel about one another. Don’t miss the opportunity to make your own declaration on the 4th of July.

Things Needed
• A picnic basket
• Favorite food/dessert/sparkling cider
• Planning
• Fireworks viewing location
• Digital cameras
• A romantic attitude

Tips & Warnings
• Don’t force the mood.
• Keep it lighthearted and simple.
• Enjoy the moments as the come.
• Hug a lot.
• Kiss often.
• Express your love for each other.
• Have fun!


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