How to make a little red riding hood costume

Your imagination applied to the classic tale many heard as a child! That’s all you need to create this little costume! The story has other characters in it which lend themselves to dressing up too. You could do the whole cast as a family or group of friends. The mother, grandmother, big bad wolf, heroic woodcutter all together would make a fun group costume.

Or if you prefer to just make a little red outfit then you will have a fun but simple and inexpensive choice! While you are getting the costume ready, if you are transforming a child into this character, be sure to tell the story to her. Then she has can enjoy more than just her new look for the night! After all, it’s a classic tale because it has been used by generations to teach great lessons. It teaches the reader to watch out for strangers who may want to harm you and your family and do what your parents tell you to do even when you are tempted not to listen!


Step 1

Red needs a hood

The red hood is essential since that’s how the little girl and the story are named! Making a hood attached or unattached to a cape is the only part of the costume which is vital. It’s not too difficult to fashion a hood which is generally loose enough to go over the person head and ties or buttons at the neck. You can buy a pattern for a hood with or without a cape anywhere patterns are available. Less than a yard of cloth to make the hood, thread and a button or ties for clasping the hood around the neck are all that would be needed to create this foundational part of the costume.

A ready made hood is another choice. If you find one which is not red but is a light color dying may be the right choice. It’s simple to change a light colored hood from a color such as white or beige to red. Simply buy a pack of red dye and follow the directions on the package and in a day you will have your red hood to build the costume around.

Step 2

Skirt and blouse or dress

The story of little red did not come out of our time period. It’s a fairly old tale so the costume incorporates a peasant style dress or skirt and blouse. Commonly the choice is red checks or blue checks. These are easy to locate if you choose to buy material and make the costume.

Or if you choose to buy the clothing already made, you will find there are quite a few choices which all look really great. This is true no matter the age of the girl becoming little red riding hood.

Step 3


As part of this costume you would need to wear something not too modern looking on your feet. Dress shoes or flats of some kind would work well. Tennis or running shoes might look kind of out of place. Heels can make it difficult and even dangerous to be traversing the streets or forest lanes on Halloween. So sticking to a simple but fancier than every day shoe is advisable.

Step 4


A basket of goodies is a part of the story. You might want to include this in the outfit. It can be handy to put goodies into if you are going out visiting in this costume. Or it can be useful as a costume version of a purse if you are attending a party.

An apron is another often used accessory. It might not be an absolute need but could be a great little piece to add an extra touch to establish the time period for the costume. In past years women and girls often wore aprons to keep their clothing clean and dress it up a bit too. Whether you are making the costume or buying the parts of it you may wish to top it off with an apron. It would be a simple one of white or red. Little red was an ordinary country gal and not a member of any elite group so of course, her clothing would be plain and simple.

Things Needed
• Hood
• Cape
• Dress
• Shoes
• Basket
• or
• Pattern
• Cloth
• Sewing Machine
• Thread
• Time

Tips & Warnings
• Many choices available for purchase on the Internet.
• Look in thrift stores for parts of this costume!
• Parts of this costume of the wrong color can be created with some dye!
• This is a great costume for any age girl.


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