How to make free printable greetings cards

Nothing beats a personal message

Often the greetings cards in the shops are disappointing. Not only do they have badly worded verses but they never seem to say what you need them to say. Make your cards special, and you can have the best of both worlds, using the website graphics and layout expertise, and adding your own personal message to them. Easy and fun to use, the templates are free. It’s as easy and one, two, three print, and that’s not all. Once you have made your card, print off the envelopes to match. These cute designs really are good fun and easy for adults and children alike.


Step 1

Access a suitable website.

If you make a search via Google using the words Free printable cards, there are many choices. In this particular case, the choice made was 123 Print The reason for this is that this is a very easy interface for people with very little experience of printing out greetings cards. The templates are very simple, and navigation is also self explantory.

Step 2

Choose the kind of greetings card required.

The style is important, and the page gives a layout of styles available to users. The availability of cards for all occasions makes the interface very useful as a website to keep to favorites. Press the type of event you wish to celebrate.

Step 3

Choose the type of card.

The choice of types of cards means that you can choose invitations, blank cards, greetings cards, and cards which leave you sufficient space to write a long message. These also include letter cards which can easily slip into an envelope. Press the choice you wish to print.

Step 4

Fill out your personal message

The next field allows you to fill out your own personal preferences. The text limit means that messages must be fairly brief, though your message can easily be modified to make your card unique. After you have finished, press Make It!

Step 5

Print your card.

You will see that the next page is devoted to the layout of your complete card. If you are unhappy with anything, you can flip back to the previous page and change things. If you are happy, print the card directly from your browser by pressing the printer symbol in your toolbar.

Step 6

Make a matching envelope.

It is advised that you use good quality paper for the envelope. Go back to the initial menu page, and press the option for printing an envelope. This is quite neat as you can choose options to suit your event from a small dropdown menu. Fill out the fields with the necessary details of address. If you wish to print an envelope without an address on it, simply press Make it!.

Step 7

Preparing your card and envelope for sending.

The card should be printed on card suitable for your printer, and will need to be folded into four neatly. The envelope needs folding and the seamed glued with a glue stick suitable for use with paper. Allow the envelope to dry before inserting the card.

Things Needed
• Good quality printing paper.
• Good quality card suitable for printer.
• Printer.
• Computer.
• Access to the Internet.
• Glue stick.

Tips & Warnings
• Try various types of card rather than wasting ink on cards which are a disappointment. There are many templates available and often if you look at different sections, you can find better choices.


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