How to protect your home when you will be away for Halloween

Protecting your property

If you won’t be home for Halloween it can be a bad thing for a lot of reasons. What you do about it really depends on how long you are planning to be away. If you are going to be away for just that evening then you may want to leave a bowl filled with candy on your front porch and trust in the honesty of the children who will be visiting. This happens in neighborhoods all over the country. You do of course want to make sure that it is well lit and that it is quite obvious where the goodies are located.

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If however you are going to be away for the week and no one will be around to put out a bowl of candy for the trick or treaters you are dealing with a totally different issue.


Step 1

Vandalism is a big problem on Halloween whether you are home or not. It is not uncommon for pumpkins to get smashed, cars and houses to get egged and general mischief to be done. If this is an issue that is common in your neck of the woods then you will want to let the local police department know that you will not be at home on Halloween.

Step 2

Be sure that nothing is left out in your yard to tempt any mischief makers. If you have a vehicle at home put it in the garage if you have one. Don’t leave any pumpkins unattended on your stoop or steps. Take in any decorations that could be vandalized. This may sound quite harsh but most of the damage that is done is minor and you don’t want to leave any temptation in the way.

Step 3

You will of course make sure that your house is locked, the alarm is set and that the alarm company is notified that you will be away. Don’t leave any pets outside or in the house. It is always a good idea to have lights set in the house to go on at odd times so that it is less obvious that you are not at home. Make sure the newspaper is cancelled and the mail is being held at the post office.

Step 4

Good exterior lights that either stay on all night or are motion sensitive are a good deterrent. If someone is trying to sneak up close to your house, the last thing they want is a spot light shining directly on them.

It is always a good idea if you have close neighbors to let them know that you will be away so that they can notify the police if they see anything suspicious.

Things Needed
• Everything put indoors
• Good spotlights
• Strong locks

Tips & Warnings
• The less temptation that is left for vandals the less chance there is that you will be a victim.


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