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How to create a ladybug costume

Black and red are the colors of the ladybug. You simply need to locate clothing of these colors and then add black on the head and wings to create this cute bug for Halloween. It will be a snap to put this one together! There are many versions for sale. If you like to do it yourself then with a... More

How to carve a pumpkin

From pumpkin to jack-o-lantern Part of the fun of Halloween is going to find the perfect pumpkin. This can involve picking the pumpkin in the field or just at the farm stand. Once the perfect pumpkin has been found, it is time to turn that pumpkin into a jack-o-lantern. The way to make this... More

How to string popcorn and cranberries

Making your own strings to decorate for Christmas is actually pretty simple. Two of the most common and prettiest to string are cranberries and popcorn. They are both readily available and look really beautiful against the green of an evergreen tree. Of the two cranberries are the easiest to... More

How to send a letter to Santa

How to send a letter to Santa Children of all ages need to get in touch with Santa before the holidays. There are some ways that will allow little ones and big ones alike to let Santa know what they would like to see under the tree and to thank him for the previous year's gift. Sometimes Santa,... More

How to have a cheaper handmade Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day For many folks, Valentine’s Day is a big deal and they celebrate by spending lots of money on dinner out in a fancy restaurant, long stemmed roses, fancy handmade chocolates, and break your budget jewelry and that is just for the ladies. Add to this the engraved lighter she... More

How to dress and look like an old lady for Halloween

Fake aging can be done with makeup and clothing combined. To become an old lady you will need to use both. From head to toe the change must be dramatic but it need not be expensive. Thrifty costumers can embrace this idea as a good one. The transformation can be made with little effort and a... More

How to construct a plywood Mother’s Day decoration

Celebrate that special mother What better way to celebrate mom's special day than displaying a plywood yard decoration with Happy Mother's Day that looks like a banner. Every year the entire family can take great joy in anticipating the day and erecting the sign in the front yard. It's easy and... More

How to choose games for a 4th of July party

How to choose games for the 4th of July The 4th of July is a day spent mostly outdoors grilling, eating, and playing games that are fun for all ages. There are many games that have become uniquely American but have their origins in exotic lands. Choosing games for the entire family to enjoy is... More

How to roll a cigarette with a rolling machine

Rolling a cigarette By learning to roll a cigarette using a cigarette machine, a smoker can save hundreds of dollars a year. Instead of purchasing packs or cartons of cigarettes, one can simply buy loose tobacco, papers, and a machine to roll them themselves. Gone are the antiquated days when a... More

How to make a Halloween costume

Reasons why you should make your own costumes Purchased Halloween costumes can be expensive. You may not find or like the costumes that are available. You child may be in-between the cute fuzzy purchased costumes and the bloody, gory outfits pushed at the kids on commercials. You have a creative... More