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How to make a diaper wreath

It is always nice when a new mother gets a gift that is fun and practical. The diaper wreath serves as a decoration and can be taken apart and used. It is one of those gifts where everyone wins. The diaper wreath is easy to make and can be used to decorate for a baby shower. It... More

How to make glass jar luminaries

A luminary for every occasion Luminaries can be an exciting part of holiday decorating. Made from simple glass mason jars they can be adjusted to serve about any holiday. Ribbons of an appropriate color can change a Halloween luminary, into a Christmas luminary and into an Easter luminary. A... More

How to reclaim the holidays

Every year the holidays seem to arrive sooner. I am sure that I saw Christmas trees and Hanukkah decorations on the store shelves before the pumpkins and Halloween costumes showed up at our doors. Every year we tackle the holidays with the mixed feelings that they always bring. Consumerism has... More

How to buy a Christmas gift for a  family

Great family gift ideas for Christmas Buying Christmas gifts is part of the enjoyment of the holiday season. Sometimes it is easier to buy a family gift for some of the people on your gift list instead of getting each indiviual person a gift. Not only can it be less expensive, it can also be a... More

How to make a special valentine gift for free

Nothing says you care about a person more than taking time and effort investing in a home-made valentine gift. Buying a card with a prewritten message appears generic beside a gift with a personal design and special touch. The object of your affection will appreciate the sentimental value of... More

How to make a Mother’s Day bouquet

Make your own arrangement for Mom Most people just send roses on Mother's Day. Why not consider picking your own flowers or selecting something special. If you are a gardener, with plantings in a warmer climate zone, the special event occurs when you will have many early blooming spring flowers... More

How to throw a white elephant gift exchange

White elephant gift exchange made easy Step 1 Set a date Usually it is best to schedule such parties the week before Christmas on a Friday or Saturday and usually, depending on the people group, in the early evening around 7 or 8pm. Plan on this party lasting at least 2 hours especially if you... More