How to attract girls with body language

Using non verbal communication to attract girls

By using body language effectively you can attract girls. If you learn about the signals non verbal communication can give and how to direct your body language, you can become more irresistible to the female sex. The gestures you make and the way you move can aid you in the art of attraction.


Step 1

Use open gestures

Begin using body language to attract girls by using open gestures. Open gestures are movements which let girls know you are friendly and approachable. They are the opposite of closed gestures, which can make you seem rigid and uninterested in meeting girls.

The first open gesture you can adopt is an approachable stance, by standing with your arms hanging loosely by your sides, as opposed to being folded across your chest.

Another open gesture is to gain eye contact with girls and smile warmly. This shows that you are open to having further communication and are happy to do so.

Step 2

Be attentive

By being attentive you can make girls feel they are special and interesting to you. If standing talking to girls give them your complete attention by facing towards them, including with your feet. If seated, lean in towards a girl who is speaking to you as if enamoured by what she is saying.

Step 3

Mirror movements

When you mirror girls movements you help show you are attracted to them and make them more attracted to you. This form of body language creates emotional bonding and gives a subconscious boost to your sexual prowess in the eyes of girls.

When mirroring girls try to be subtle, so that your body language isn’t too obvious and so off putting. For example, you may reach for your glass each time a girl reaches for hers, or touch your hair at the same time she touches her own. However don’t copy her every move.

Step 4

Make a lasting impression

You can make a strong impression on girls you meet before you part company, so that they remember you and like you even more. To do this use your body language to remind girls how attractive you are.

Cement the impression you have made by giving girls a little squeeze of the fingertips when you shake hands, right before you let go, and by smiling broadly, or possibly winking if you have an outgoing personality.

Things Needed
• Positive attitude
• Warm smile

Tips & Warnings
• Don’t be too obvious
• Aim to be subtle
• Be aware of how girls react to you by watching their body language
• Make sure you are well groomed so that you look attractive


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