How to Be a Good Girlfriend

How to Be a Good Girlfriend

How to Be a Good Girlfriend

If you’ve finally found Mr. Right, you may now be wondering how to keep him. If you want to have a healthy, long relationship, you will have to learn how to be a good girlfriend. Your boyfriend will appreciate you and will want to stick around if you know and implement a few key strategies. Who knows…he may even pop the question one day.

Being a good girlfriend requires patience, maturity and understanding. While you should never be anyone’s doormat, you should be able to appreciate the fact that each of you has your own needs and desires. Compromise is what keeps a relationship together.


Step 1

If you have just begun dating, don’t call or text him constantly. Maintaining a proper distance is a part of maturity. If you call or text excessively, you will seem needy and childlike.

Step 2

Leave the past behind. Do not constantly bring up old relationships. Former relationships that were good may make him uneasy or jealous. Talking incessantly about a bad relationship will make you seem like a negative person who just can’t let go.

Step 3

Stand up for yourself, even if it means he might get angry. If you feel strongly about a subject, don’t back down just because he might have the opposite opinion. Self confidence is one of the main things that men love about women and if you pretend to like everything that he likes, you will seem as though you have no opinions of your own and no self worth.

Step 4

Don’t be the clingy girlfriend. You should both have separate friends that you spend time with. You should not feel threatened when he has a night out with the guys. If you feel that you have to be around him every second of the day, then you are insecure and clearly not ready for a relationship. If you feel that you can’t trust him and double check his every move, then you need to move on. The relationship simply isn’t working.

Step 5

Find things that you enjoy doing together and keep doing them. If the only time you spend together is watching him play video games, you are not in a real relationship. Spending time doing things you enjoy such as biking, swimming, watching movies or cooking together will make a lifetime of memories.

Be supportive of his other activities. If he is in a band, go watch him perform. If he likes to go fishing, offer to go with him one day. He should be supportive of your activities as well.

Step 6

Most importantly, be yourself. If you don’t show him who you really are, he will never love the real you.

You will Need
• Compassion
• Patience
• Maturity

Tips & Warnings
• If you are at any time afraid of physical violence, end the relationship immediately and change your phone number. No one deserves to be abused.
• If you think that you need to obsessively check your boyfriend’s cell phone, you either need to confront your boyfriend about your suspicions or learn to trust him.


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