How to celebrate the 4th of July alone

Treat yourself, you are worth it

While everyone is out there celebrating, you are alone. It’s hard to get into the celebration mode when you live an isolated life, but you can use special dates like this to enjoy your own company in a million different ways. Make the holiday special for yourself, without having to depend on others, and the holiday spirit is easier to achieve. The 4th July is about being American. It’s about being a member of American society, no matter whether you are alone. That makes you part of something bigger than personal loneliness. It isn’t who you are with. It’s how you approach it that matters, and this day is like any other but only if you allow it to be. Change your approach and celebrate. You merit it.


Step 1

Plan the day

Even those who are terribly depressed about their lonely life can take a day off from that misery. Plan something special. It can be something as simple as doing something you always wanted to do, or just sitting back and getting absorbed by a good book or movie. Make the plans for what you will do, and be grateful that there isn’t anyone to spoil those plans. What single people often forget is that family and friend style celebrations also give people obligations. Often those obligations spoil the day, and being single actually puts you to a distinct advantage in that for one day you can be selfish and think of you.

Step 2

Choose your media

Whether you want to sit and watch a movie, indulge in music, or read a great book, decide what media makes you happy. Maybe you even enjoy relaxing in front of the TV screen. The media which suits you should be chosen because all other elements work around that media.

Step 3

Fulfill your obligations first

You may live alone, but you may want to wish your friends or family members well on this day. Telephone them and get the obligations out of the way. Often people who live on their own don’t phone people because they don’t want to be invited out of sympathy. If you already have your plans, be upbeat about the celebration, and tell them you have a great day planned. The positive effect of this is that people no longer see you as the object of sympathy, but actually wish they were as upbeat as you feel. This adds an element of positivity to the whole celebration.

Step 4

Indulge yourself

For one special day, indulge yourself. Whether this means buying your favorite bubble bath or simply buying great chocolates or cakes to accompany your movie, do try to find something that makes you happy. This is your day of celebration. Indulging on one special day isn’t habit forming, and everyone needs to feel that positive kick of spoiling themselves occasionally without guilt.

Step 5

Settle down and relax

While the world is out there celebrating, start your own celebrations of being you. Get everything prepared to sit down and relax and tell yourself that negative thoughts can wait until tomorrow. Everyone needs to feel positive. Don’t look at life with regret. Don’t worry about responsibilities and housework. Just take this day as your reward for being you.

Step 6

Prepare for the end of the day

Make sure at the end of the celebrations that you prepare yourself for sleep. Watch the fireworks on the TV while drinking something relaxing. Whether it’s a cup of Ovaltine or a glass of wine doesn’t matter. Whatever works for you helps you to feel calmer and happier. Turn the lights down, hug the cat and take off those tight items of clothing so you can relax your body, ready to face another normal day tomorrow. Think nice thoughts about the way you treated yourself today, and make the celebration a positive one for you.

Things Needed
• A great movie
• A few treats
• A positive state of mind
• A telephone

Tips & Warnings
• Times are only bad if you make them bad. Try to look on the brighter side of life, even if you see this as temporary.


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