How to choose a husband

Finding Mr. Right

Many cultures have a history of «arranged marriages.» We currently live in a society where we have the freedom to choose our partners. That leaves many women asking, «Who is Mr. Right and where do I find him?» It can become very frustrating looking for the man that you want to spend the rest of your life with. Here are a few tips that can help you along your journey to find love.


Step 1

Find yourself

This step involves taking a deep look at who you are. A very important step in this is to define your religious beliefs. Do you believe in God? It is also important to know your personality. Are you the type of person that likes to stay home and relax in front of the television or do you like to go clubbing?

Since fidelity is a huge part of marriage, you need to ask yourself if you are trustworthy. Do you need time to heal from a past relationship? It is important to cleanse yourself of any old baggage. Allow yourself time to heal and learn from your past mistakes.

What is great about you? Let the light from within shine for everyone to see. Are you a dedicated friend? Maybe you are a hard worker. No matter what, do not lose yourself in the search for a husband.

There is a great deal more to finding yourself than just answering a few questions. If you do not know yourself, how can you expect someone else to «get to know you?» This is a lifelong journey and soon someone special will want to join you on that journey.

Step 2

Are you marriage material?

Are you ready for marriage? At this point, you are probably screaming, «YES, YES, YES.» However, now is the time to investigate if you are prepared in every way to get married. Marriage is not just a blending of two hearts. There are several different aspects of marriage including attraction, emotion, fiscal responsibility, fidelity, family values, and commitment. If any one of these are not present then the marriage will not work.

Attraction is not just physical. Do you truly like who you are and who he is? If you do not like yourself now is the time to make a change. Are you emotionally ready? Is your heart ready for total commitment? No guy wants to pay for another guy’s mistakes. Are you able to trust a man fully? Have you defined your family values? Do you want children? Are you planning to stay home to raise prospective children?

Financially, are you prepared for marriage? Do you have debt that cannot be paid off in a two months? Do you personally have an eight-month emergency fund? Are you planning to work once you get married and have a family? If not, do you have a savings that will help fund that time? One of the most common things that people fight about is money.

Step 3

Define Mr. Right

It is vital to know the diference between Mr. Rightnow and Mr. Right. Now that you are on the path to finding out who you are, You need to define the type of man that you would like to marry. Keep in mind, Who you want and who you need could be to totally different people.

Many women have fallen for a handsome gentleman only to find out later that they were not at all compatable. Physical appearance is important. Some experts say that personality is the most important and they are partially right about that. Moral character is what defines a person. What does he do when he thinks no body is watching? Does he volenteer at a soup kitchen? Is he patronizing the local gentleman’s club?

Step 4

Places to look for a great guy

First of all, stop looking! Men can sense desperation. However, do not just go about your daily life. Find new things that interest you. Make a list of things that you want to do before you get married and have a family. Set out to accomplish your goals. You may soon find that there are several men that have similar interests.

The idea is to «seize the day.» Take that trip to Paris with your friends or enroll in dance class. You never know where your Mr. Right will be. More than likely, he will be doing something that you like to do. If not, at least you are having a good time.

Things Needed
• Knowledge of yourself
• List of personal goals
• Knowledge of what you need

Tips & Warnings
• Do not rule out someone based on physical appearance
• Do not settle for Mr. Right now
• Make sure that you are ready for marriage
• Have fun!


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