How to make your girlfriend happy

Ways to make your girlfriend happy

If you want to make your girlfriend happy, you need to be attentive, patient and kind. Also, most girls prefer it if their boyfriends act as if they are proud to be with them, and don’t do things that embarrass them in front of their friends.

In short, to make your girlfriend happy, be nice to her, treat her with respect and do things that show her how much you care about her.


Step 1

Start out right

To make your girlfriend happy, start the relationship out right by treating her as if she is special to you, even if she hasn’t done anything special. Treat her special because you like her a lot and want her to be happy, and because she’s your girlfriend and you want to have a good relationship with her.

To make your girlfriend happy, treat her as if she is the most precious thing in your life.

Step 2

Respect her

Everyone wants to be respected by the people that are important to them, and it’s especially important to women that their boyfriends treat them in ways that show they are respected. Do this by listening to her, by doing what you say you will when you say you will do it. And don’t say bad things to her or call her names.

To make your girlfriend happy, show her that you respect her by treating her as if the things she feels are important.

Step 3

Have fun with her

One way to make your girlfriend happy is to do things with her that you both like doing. Whether it’s going to movies, or dancing or playing kickball with the neighborhood kids. Find something you both like to do and make it a regular part of your lives. Doing this will give you both something to smile about and that will make you both happy.

Doing fun things with your girlfriend will almost always make her happy.

Step 4

Be honest

One of the best ways to make your girl happy is to be honest and upfront with her, and to not do things that would cause her to be unhappy, Not cheating on her is pretty obvious, but also, don’t flirt with other girls, or try to make her jealous, or say mean or ugly things to her.

To make your girl happy you need to be honest with how you feel and with the things you do when she is not around.

Step 5

Give her gifts

Girls like it when their boyfriends give them things, and not just because they like getting stuff. Getting a gift from a boyfriend tells a girl that she is thought about and appreciated, especially when it’s a well thought out gift. Also, don’t forget her birthday or other special days, and be sure to do something special for her for Valentine’s Day.

To make your girl happy, give her gifts that show her how much you care about her.

Things Needed
• Kindness
• Empathy
• A big heart
• Ability to listen

Tips & Warnings
• Always think before making decisions
• Don’t pressure her
• Don’t ever forget her birthday


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