How to overcome shyness while speed dating

Speed dating tips for those who are shy

Speed dating is where you go to a place and meet a lot of potential dates in quick bursts of time. Typically, women sit at tables or in booths and men move from table to table for a preset amount of time. The idea is to see if any of the people you meet might be candidates for a real date.

Speed dating is a good idea for shy people who have trouble approaching or being approached by strangers, but it can be challenging as well, because of shyness issue. Fortunately, by following some basic tips, you can make your speed dating experience go better.


Step 1

Prepare ahead of time

Because speed dating offers so little time to really show who you are or to get to know the other person, for that matter, it’s important to prepare yourself ahead of time. Start out by writing down some things you’d like to share about yourself and things you’d like to talk about. Think about the things you’ve written down from the perspective of the other person. Ask yourself if they might find those things interesting or even intriguing. If not, jot down some more ideas, and keep at it until you come up with some you feel confident about.

To ward off shyness during speed dating, it’s best to prepare yourself beforehand so you won’t sit there in silence looking like a fool.

Step 2

Move with purpose

When people act like they are comfortable or confident, they become more so. Thus, move yourself with purpose and with as much confidence as you can muster as you move from place to place. Or if you’re the one that sits while others move, hold your body in a relaxed but confident manner as others come by to visit you.

Acting like you know what you’re doing, even if you don’t can help people overcome their shyness when talking with other prospective date.

Step 3

Look the other person in the eyes

Because confidence is linked so closely with shyness, be sure to look your date in the eyes when speaking with them. Looking away the whole time will cause you to feel less secure and more nervous. Also, looking others in the eyes when speaking with them is considered polite and will cause the other person to feel more relaxed with you.

Looking the other person in the eyes while speed dating helps your confidence and also prevents you from looking at other parts of them might be construed as offensive.

Step 4

Take a deep breath

When people get nervous, which is what shyness is all about, they tend to take more shallow breaths which causes them to get a little light headed, which only exacerbates the problem. To prevent this, force yourself to take a deep breath just before speaking for the first time to each of your «dates.»

Taking a deep breath before speaking will also help you get your wits about you and help you to speak more clearly and confidently.

Things Needed
• Ability to do a self assessment
• Communication skills
• Confidence

Tips & Warnings
• Don’t give out details about where you live, etc.
• Don’t act like you like someone if you don’t.
• Be polite no matter how things go.
• Try to avoid nervous tics.


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