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How friendship means sacrifice

Friendship is about give and take. It means sacrifice at times too. You sometimes have to give more of yourself than you were prepared to give. Friendship is about giving even if it hurts. That is what makes a truly great friendship work. Both sides have to sacrifice at times. You never know when... More

How can you hurt someone you love

There are an untold number of problems that face every relationship, and regardless of effort or sensitivity everyone takes a turn at either causing or getting hurt feelings. Some transgressions are minor and pass quickly or can be attributed to a slip of the tongue, while others cut deeper and... More

How to care for a child with diarrhea

What to do when your child has diarrhea While a child's bowel movements often vary in number and consistency depending on his or her age and diet, there is nothing normal and comforting about diarrhea. According to the book, Caring for your Baby and Young Child, "Diarrhea occurs when the inner... More

How to move on after the death of a loved one

You have just endured the loss of a loved one, where do you go from here. Everywhere you look something reminds you of them. Little snippets that draw your eye and find you getting misty eyed at the thought of their absence in your life. Know that however you grieve is normal. There is no... More

How to decorate your Christmas tree and start a family tradition

Making Christmas moments count Christmas is a time for families to get together and decorating the Christmas tree gives the family time to create their own family traditions. It's a great bonding exercise and from these traditions grow the kind of roots which last a lifetime. Involving the... More

How a childs responsibility to their parents changes when they leave home

As long as a child remains in the home of their parents, they are responsible for obeying the rules that parents set. Once they grow up and leave their parents' home, their responsibility changes. Suddenly they are totally responsible for their own actions and survival. While they no longer have... More

How being comfortable in your own body enhances the sexual experience

Most women are especially uncomfortable with their bodies. Given the media, Hollywood and pornographic material, women believe that they must live up to those standards. What few women realize is that while men are visual beings, what attracts them to us is our confidence, willingness and... More

How to have more fun with your friends

Having fun with friends is necessary, however it doesn't always happen. Many people take their friendships for granted, falsely assuming that they will always have fun with their friends no matter what. Nothing could be further from the truth though.  Weird as it may seem, having... More

How to get people to like you

Getting people to like you is like chasing an elusive butterfly.  The harder you try to get people to like you, the more it seems they are standoffish.  That's because that in order for other people to like you, you have to love yourself first.  When you exude happiness and... More

Steps to mend a broken heart

Someone has broken your heart. You were caught unexpectedly by a betrayal, or maybe you were dumped by your significant other. All of a sudden you are feeling like you've gone astray, you've lost all hope; you are suffering from a physical aching in your chest. We abhor the feeling of heart... More