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How to get married in Jamaica

Legalities of getting married in Jamaica Jamaica has become the hotspot for marriage ceremonies with people coming from all over the world to tie the knot in this exotic Caribbean destination. There are many resorts that cater to wedding packages and take care of all the planning... More

How to plan an inexpensive wedding

Inexpensive means different things to different people. Start by defining what you mean by inexpensive. Then realize that there are parts to a wedding. Making the wedding as inexpensive as possible can be accomplished by adjusting the extras.If the bride and groom are planning the... More

How to host a home wedding reception

home There are many reasons why you might want to host a home wedding reception. One reason is that it will be much less expensive. The cost of renting a venue can send a wedding over the top. When deciding to host a wedding reception at your home you need to consider carefully the number of... More

How to get married at the Bellagio

Viva Las Vegas If you are one of the thousands of couples who decide to tie the knot in Las Vegas every year, there are few places that are more lovely and romantic than the Bellagio Hotel. There are several different options at the hotel and you can plan your honeymoon as part of the whole... More

How to cast a simple love spell on someone

Before you begin Love spells have long been a grey zone when it comes to magical ethics. On the one hand the overall purpose behind the use of magic to get something you need, and who does not have the need to be loved? On the other hand it is never alright to force someone to do something... More

How to arrange tables at a wedding reception

Your wedding day - your special day - and the reception is a very important part of that day. Undoubtedly, you are going to choose many fine foods to serve at your wedding reception, and you must be sure of every step to ensure a relaxed, special day for you, the groom, and your cherished... More