How to get married in Jamaica

Legalities of getting married in Jamaica

Jamaica has become the hotspot for marriage ceremonies with people coming from all over the world to tie the knot in this exotic Caribbean destination. There are many resorts that cater to wedding packages and take care of all the planning for you so that your special day will be everything you’ve dreamed of.

While you do need to have a marriage license in order to get married in Jamaica, it is not hard to complete the paperwork and you can do it from home. It is essential, though, that you do have all the documentation in place to make obtaining this license as seamless as possible.


Step 1

Choose the location for your wedding

The first thing you must do when you decide to get married in Jamaica is to choose the resort and location. You can get married on the beach, by the side of the pool or in a garden surrounded by the sights and scents of flowers.

Resorts in Jamaica offer packages that include the wedding reception and accommodations for you and your guests. When choosing the resort, it is important to read the fine print because there are some that are adults only. This would not be the right choice if you have children in the wedding party or if your guests are bringing their families.

The wedding planner at the resort will work with you to make sure that everything is in readiness for the special day and that you have all the arrangements in place for the marriage ceremony. If you are not familiar with how to book a minister or priest for the ceremony, this professional will help book the official that you need.

Step 2

Documentation needed for a marriage license

Jamaica requires specific documentation in order to issue a marriage license. You do need to send official copies of your birth certificates. If you are divorced, then you must also include a copy of your divorce decree or if your spouse passed away, then you must send a copy of the death certificate. These documents are necessary to prove that you are who you say you are and that you are single.

Step 3

Contacting the Jamaica officials

It doesn’t take long to work through the process of obtaining a marriage certificate in Jamaica. About a month before the wedding date, contact the Ministry of National Security and Justice to fill out the application for the license and to submit the required documents.

Step 4

Length of time required to be in the country

You must be in Jamaica for 24 hours before you can get married on this island. Your travel plans should include arriving 24 hours before the time of the wedding. This not only meets the official requirements, but will give you time to meet with the wedding planner and the officiate to make sure that no details have been omitted for the wedding.

Things Needed
• copy of birth certificates for both the bride and groom
• copy of divorce decree or death certificate if you were married before
• marriage license issued in Jamaica
• an official to conduct the marriage ceremony
• choice of location for the wedding

Tips & Warnings
• Make sure you have all your documents in place before you submit your application for a marriage license.
• The application for a marriage license takes about four weeks to process.
• Arrive in Jamaica at least 24 hours before you are scheculed to be married.


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