How to remove armpit hair

The methods used in this example for armpit hair removal are relatively simple, and this can be performed at home. Using regular hair removal cream, this is the simplest and least painful method of hair removal in an area where hair grows in different directions.

Other methods include waxing at home, or in a beauty salon. Often women choose to shave this area of their bodies.

The method chosen by a woman will be dictated by experience and personal preference.

This is one of the cheapest and least painful methods of hair removal for this delicate area of the feminine body, and should be considered against shaving, as no stubble remains, and regrowth is relatively slow.


Step 1


Soak in a hot tub for twenty minutes to soften the hair.

Step 2

Application of the cream.

Spread hair removal cream generously over the whole armpit. This can create an odor although this disappears once the process is finished.

Step 3

Leave the cream to work.

Having read the instructions on the tube of hair removal cream, wait for the required time before attempting to remove the hair.

Step 4

Removal of hair.

Take the spatula which is provided with the cream and gently remove the hair with a motion similar to using a shaver. This gets rather messy, although when the hair is sufficiently dissolved, is relatively simple.

Step 5

Re-application if necessary.

If there are areas which still have hair, re-apply the cream and go through the former steps again.

Step 6

Rinse gently.

Being aware that the skin is delicate, rinse with a warm flannel or sponge.

You will Need
• Hair removal cream.
• Flannel
• Towel
• Access to warm water.

Tips & Warnings
• Be patient. It takes time to work.


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