How to remove food coloring stains from your hands

Tips for getting stains from food coloring off your hands

Food coloring is a dye that enables you to make different colored dough for baking and icing for the cookies and cakes. As such it will cause your fingers to turn the same color as whatever you are decorating. If you do any amount of cookie or cake decorating you know what it is like to get stains from food coloring on your hands. Sometimes you may get so wrapped up in what you are doing that you don’t even realize that you have multi-colored fingers.

You can wear disposable gloves as you work, but these are very cumbersome and no matter how hard you try to keep them on your hands, you are bound to get some of the food coloring on your skin. These tips are designed to help you remove the food coloring stains quickly and easily so that you can really enjoy decorating without having to worry.


Step 1

Wash your hands

When you are finished using the food coloring and you notice that your hands are stained with the dye, wash them with soap and water to remove as much of the coloring as you can. Scrub the spots on your fingers and hands, but try not to irritate the skin by scrubbing too roughly.

Step 2

Use shaving cream

Amazingly enough, shaving cream works wonders to remove food coloring stains from your hands. Squirt out a small amount of the shaving cream and work it into a lather. Massage your hands with the cream for about two or three minutes. Then rinse it off with clear water and inspect your hands to see if any stains still remain.

Step 3

Reuse the shaving cream

Coat your hands with a lather of shaving cream a second time, scrubbing areas that are still stained. If you notice stains around your fingernails, use a fingernail brush to gently scrub these areas.

Leave the second application on your hands for a few minutes so that it can absorb into your skin.

Step 4

Rinse and apply vinegar

Rinse off the shaving cream and wash your hands in vinegar. Scrub the trouble spots that still remain.

Wash your hands again in soap to remove the scent of the vinegar.

Unless you have been using a lot of food coloring, the stains will now be gone from your hands.

Dry your hands and apply your regular hand cream or skin moisturizer.

Things Needed
• warm water
• shaving cream
• vinegar
• soap
• moisturizer

Tips & Warnings
• Try to hold the food coloring applicator in such a way that you do not get too much food coloring on your hands.
• Apply hand cream or moisturizer when you are finished cleaning your hands. Washing your hands in vinegar can cause the skin on your hands to become dry.


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