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How to restore a vintage teardrop trailer

Step 1 Inpect the trailer before moving it from its location Before making arrangements to move theIf the trailer, start with the tires. They may not be flat but if the trailer has been sitting, they may not be road ready. Pull off one tire and check the bearings. Make sure that the trailer... More

How to best set up multiple campsites for a large group

With a larger group, setting up connected sites can be tricky How should you setup your campsite when you have 3 or 4 connected campsites, with 3 or 4 groups of people camping together? Or, if you have a family reunion, with more than 2 or 3 campsites reserved, how should you best set them up?... More

How to make boil-in-a-bag meals for camping

Camp cooking, the easiest way: Boil in a bag Camping is a wonderful experience. One of the aspects that make it great is the food cooked in camp. This can be diminished if the people in camp don't like what is being prepared, or if the person preparing it is spending too much time and effort to... More

How to catch live scallops in Florida

Put together the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the luxuriant grass beds along the panhandle of Florida's west coast and you have the perfect breeding ground for scallops. Finding and catching live scallops can be one of the highlights of your summer visit to the beach. But, to realize... More

How to avoid paintball bruises

Preventative steps to avoiding injuries Playing paintball is an extreme sport where players try to shoot other players with dye filled paint balls. As with any extreme sport, precautions must be take taken to ensure players are not hurt. Bruises are one of the most common injuries when playing... More

How to troll for lake trout in the summer months

Catching lake trout and other deep water trout in warmer weather. When the weather has been warm for a while, the water starts to warm up too. This may be great for swimmers and other watersports enthusiasts, but not so much for the trout fisherman. The fisherman has to try new techniques as... More

How to play Basque Pelota

A famous successor of handball is the game Basque Pelota. Originated from the ancient Greeks but fully developed by the Basques, the game has travelled all around the world and became popular in every culture. Played in a fast and aggressive tempo, this game can fascinate even the most demanding... More

How to best set up your campsite when bringing children

How to set up a child-friendly campsite. When you take children with you camping, you need to put a little more thought into how you are going to set up your campsite. You will most likely have to allow the children to sleep in their own tent(s), so how do you do so and feel safe at... More

How to roast pumpkin seeds on a campfire

Something productive to do around the campfire The fire pit in the back yard can be the most active place in the home for celebrations. Families who enjoy dutch oven cooking and fires spend every evening by the fire pit. The fire pit and picnic table, in some neck of the woods, have replaced the... More

How to pack your backpack for hiking

Packing your backpack How comfortable a backpack is can depend on a number of things, one of which is how well it is packed with the weight distributed in the right places. It is a good idea when packing your backpack, to keep your gear separated in waterproof stuff sacks so it is protected from... More