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How to sort a playlist on your iPod

You finally hold in your hands probably the best personal audio device on the market; an iPod. You have successfully downloaded to it every single audio track you wanted and you just can't stop listening again and again to your favorite playlists. But, there are times you desperately want to... More

How to choose a TV

Understanding retail description labels for high-definition televisions While technology is continuing to improve on a regular basis, there are a few core features of televisions that can help you compare quality between models and make the best choice for your budget. Using information from the... More

How to choose photo editing software

There is so much choice on the market that it is hard to know where to begin. This "How to" explains the procedure to go through to eliminate choices which may not be the right ones for you. In a nutshell, you want a software which does the things you want it to do. No matter how much... More

How to fix a DVD player when the drawer won’t open

How to unjam a disc from computer DVD/CD drive A stuck CD/DVD when using the computer can be quite frustrating. This jam is capable of happening unexpectedly and with little provocation. But, there is no need to panic or to pack up equipment for a trip to the repair shop. When the eject button... More

How to copy music CDs to an iPod

You finally hold in your arms the technological wonder you always dreamt of; an iPod. You are eager to load it with your favorite CDs and enjoy the powerful sound of your brand new iPod. The problem is that you cannot do it in the traditional way. Ripping your CD to library will not be... More

How to turn date and time imprinting off on a Nikon COOLPIX L18 digital camera

By default, when you snap a picture with a Nikon COOLPIX L18 digital camera, the camera makes a note of the date and time that the picture was taken. This information is then stored in the picture file itself, so that when you move or copy the image, the date and time go with... More

How to turn the shutter sound off on a Nikon COOLPIX L18 digital camera

Unlike level-1 cameras, digital cameras don't make a click or any other sound when they snap a picture. Much like the dial tone on a phone or the chemicals added to natural gas so it can be smelled, the shutter sound on a digital camera is only put there for our benefit. The camera can take a... More

How to get free HDTV without cable or satellite

How to get High Definition (HD) programing without a subscription The investment of a High Definition television set has consumers searching for the cable or satellite provider that gives them the most High Definition channels for the least amount of money. The original thought seems to be that... More

How to remove iPod touch applications

Admit it; you just can't get enough of your brand new iPod touch. You are not the only one; we all have been there spending hours browsing among the various App Store web pages to find the best and the most dazzling applications that will make all of our friends green from envy. But, there is a... More

How to find an iPad’s MAC address

Like other network devices, an iPad uses a MAC (media access control) address as an identifier on a local network. This address is assigned to the iPad when it's built. A MAC address is six sets of two characters each, letters and numbers. On an iPad, the MAC address is called the Wi-Fi address,... More