How to turn the shutter sound off on a Nikon COOLPIX L18 digital camera

How to turn the shutter sound off on a Nikon COOLPIX L18 digital camera

Unlike level-1 cameras, digital cameras don’t make a click or any other sound when they snap a picture. Much like the dial tone on a phone or the chemicals added to natural gas so it can be smelled, the shutter sound on a digital camera is only put there for our benefit. The camera can take a picture with or without the shutter sound, and some cameras will even let you choose your own shutter sound.


Step 1

Turn the camera on

Press the button labeled On/Off on the top of the camera to turn it on. (If the camera is already on, skip this step.)

Step 2

Go into the sound settings

Press the Menu button on the back of the camera, above the directional pad, to bring up the camera’s menu options.

If your menu is text-based, scroll down through the list using the directional pad until you come to «Sound settings,» and then press OK to select it.

If your menu is displayed with rows and columns of icons, use the directional pad to scroll through the icons to the one that looks like a speaker with sound coming out of it, and when that icon is highlighted, press OK.

Step 3

Disable the shutter sound

There will be two options displayed — «Button sound» and «Shutter sound.» Scroll down so that «Shutter sound» is the highlighted choice, and then press OK.

The next screen will also have two choices — «On» and «Off.» If the shutter sound is currently on, there will be a check mark next to «On.» Scroll down so that «Off» is the highlighted option and press OK. Then press Menu to exit out of the menu and return to camera mode.

Things Needed
• Nikon COOLPIX L18 digital camera

Tips & Warnings
• If you take a lot of pictures of babies or animals, it may be beneficial to disable the shutter sound so the camera doesn’t startle them.


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