How to clean a laptop screen

Tips for keeping your laptop screen clean

Whether you use your laptop on a daily basis or from time to time, the screen does become dusty and dirty. Dust from the air collects on the screen and on the keyboard. If you happen to touch the screen when you point something out to someone else, the oil from your fingertips will leave a smudge on the screen.

The screen of a laptop is fragile and although it can be cleaned with ordinary household products, there are commercial products you can purchase. You cannot use furniture polish or glass cleaner. Using paper towels or harsh cloths on the screen can also catch scratches that you cannot remove.

These steps will help you clean your laptop screen efficiently and safely.


Step 1

Use only cleaners for LCD monitors

There is a special cleaner you can purchase quite inexpensively at computer stores. This is specially designed for cleaning LCD screens and do not contain any ammonia. They will remove the smudges caused by fingerprints and the build up of dust that is causing the images on the screen to appear fuzzy.

Step 2

Use a soft cloth

A soft cotton cloth is the best to use when cleaning a laptop screen.

Never spray the cleaner directly on the screen. Rather, spray a small amount on the cloth and then gently wipe the full surface of the screen.

Step 3

Wipe the screen dry

You may notice streaks across the laptop screen if it is particularly dirty and hasn’t been cleaned for a while. Use a dry cloth — soft cotton is best — to dry off the screen and then inspect it to make sure that it is clean.

Step 4

Repeat the cleaning when needed

If you notice that the screen is still not completely clean you can spray the cloth once more and dry off the screen.

It doesn’t take long to clean the screen and is something that you can do on a daily basis if you wish.

Things Needed
• laptop
• cleaner for LCD screens
• soft cotton cloth

Tips & Warnings
• Do not rub too hard on spots on the screen because this could cause damage to the screen.
• Paper towel can scratch the screen because it tends to be rough.


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