How to find out your IP address when using windows XP

How to find out your IP address when using windows XP

Finding your IP address, when using Windows XP, is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

When you are using computers at work you may find that your IP address will be displayed on the desktop. If your work PC is used by many of your colleagues this IP address could be unique to you. If each of you log onto the computer using your own personal passwords this IP address will be different for each user.

Basically an IP address identifies a particular computer or sever on the Internet. At home this will not usually be openly displayed on the desktop but it is quite easy to find. It does depend upon what OS your computer uses. For Windows XP users finding your IP address is really quite simple. The image above has white blocks where a personal IP address and information were deleted.


Step 1


Select START from your computer’s desktop

Step 2

All Programs


Step 3

Look for command prompt

From the sub-menus, select ACCESSORIES then COMMAND PROMPT

Step 4

Select command prompt and type in your request

  • COMMAND PROMPT opens as a black box, like DOS for those familiar with this early OS.
  • At the cursor type ipconfig.
  • As you can see from the image your IP address, along with other information is displayed.
  • Close this window in the usual way, once you have the information that you need.

Things Needed
• This How-To Guide.
• A very basic knowledge of computers

Tips & Warnings
• Different OS require slightly different methods to find out your IP address.
• Place a shortcut to the command prompt on your desktop, if it is something that you may want to use again.


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