How to find the MAC address of a Ricoh Image Scanner IS200e

On copiers and printers, you can often print out a configuration page which will give you network information about the machine, including IP address, effective protocols, MAC address, and other data. But on an IS200e scanner, you’ll have to navigate the menus and view this information on the scanner’s display screen. Follow the steps below if you need to find the MAC address of an IS200e.


Step 1

Go into User Tools

With the scanner powered on and ready, press the User Tools button on the operation panel. The User Tools menu will appear on the screen.

Step 2

Go into System Settings

From the main User Tools menu screen, press 1 to select «System Settings.» The first entry in the System Settings menu will be displayed. Scroll down through the menu using the button below the down arrow on the screen until you come to «9. MAC Address.»

Step 3

View the MAC address

With «9. MAC Address» displayed, press the button below the «Settings» option. The MAC address will be shown on the screen in level-1 format. Once you have recorded the MAC address (if you need to) you can exit out of the menu by pressing the User Tools button.

Things Needed
• Ricoh Image Scanner IS200e

Tips & Warnings
• The scanner’s IP address can also be viewed in the System Settings menu, as can other network configuration settings.
• If the IS200e is connected to your network, you may be able to view the MAC address from your computer, if your operating system supports that function.


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