How to get the page count for an Okifax 5300

How to get the page count for an Okifax 5300

The Okifax 5300 is a level-1 small fax machine. Like most fax machines, it can display the current page count. The page count is displayed on screen, rather than printed out on a configuration page like some fax machine models. To view the page count on an Okifax 5300, follow the steps below.


Step 1


On the fax machine’s operation panel, press the SELECT FUNCTION button (to the right of the display screen, toward the top of the operation panel).

Step 2

Go to Counter Display

On the upper right keypad, press the 7 button. (Below this button it says «COUNTER DISPLAY».)

Step 3

Go to Print Count

The screen will display «DRUM COUNT»; press the right arrow button (marked «NO») and the display will change to «PRINT COUNT», followed by the current page count in six-digit format.

Step 4

Go to Scan Count

If you want to see the number of pages that have been scanned into the fax machine, press NO again, and «SCAN COUNT» will be displayed, followed by the number of scanned pages.

Step 5

Exit the menu

Press the STOP button (the red button to the left of the START button) twice to exit out of the menu and return to the main screen.

Things Needed
• Okidata Okifax 5300 fax machine, powered on and ready

Tips & Warnings
• There are two different counters you can view: Print Count (the pages printed out) and Scan Count (the pages scanned in).


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