How to get the page count on a Sharp MX-B401 copier

How to get the page count on a Sharp MX-B401 copier

Copiers and printers gauge their usage by keeping a running page count (sometimes called a meter). The page count is useful because it can help to determine how long a toner cartridge might last, or when a maintenance kit will need to be replaced. To find the page count of a Sharp MX-B401 copier, follow the steps below.


Step 1

Go to System Settings

Press the System Settings button on the copier’s operation panel (to the right of the display screen).

Step 2

Go to Total Count

On the touch screen itself, press Total Count (in the upper left corner).

Step 3

Go to Job Count

There are two options: Job Count and Device Count. Press Job Count. (Device Count would be used to see how many pages have been run through specific parts of the copier, such as the document feeder or the duplex unit.)

The total page count will be displayed next to «Black & White» on the screen. Below the total count, you can view the broken-down page counts for the individual functions (such as copying, printing, or faxing).

Things Needed
• Sharp MX-B401 copier, powered on and ready

Tips & Warnings
• By pressing Print on the page count screen, you can have the copier print out a sheet with the total page count listed, as well as the individual page counts of the different functions.


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