How to print a configuration page on a Ricoh MP series copier

How to print a configuration page on a Ricoh MP series copier

All Ricoh Aficio MP series copiers that are network-capable have the option to print out a configuration page. In addition to providing the copier’s current page count, this configuration page displays many key network settings, such as IP address, gateway, and enabled protocols. It’s a good idea to print out this configuration page and keep it somewhere handy.


Step 1

Turn the machine on

If the copier is not already on, turn it on now. Wait for it to power up and for the screen to say «Ready.»

Step 2

Go to User Tools

Press the button on the operation panel labeled User Tools/Counter. (If User Tools and Counter are two separate buttons, such as on the Aficio MP9000, press the User Tools button.)

Step 3

Go to Printer Features

On the touch screen, press the option for Printer Features. On models that don’t have a touch screen, use the buttons below the screen to select it. (If you’ve just turned the machine on and the Printer Features option isn’t there, exit out of User Tools, wait a few moments, and go back in. It sometimes takes a little while to show up.)

Step 4

Print the configuration page

The first tab in Printer Features, which should be the active tab, is List/Test Print. Look for the option labeled Configuration Page under this tab (it should be one of the first few options) and press it. The copier’s data light will come on and the configuration page will be printed out.

Things Needed
• Ricoh Aficio MP series copier, with printing and scanning functions installed
• at least one sheet of paper loaded in one of the paper trays

Tips & Warnings
• Ricoh copiers without printing and scanning capabilities don’t have the option to print a configuration page, as much of the information on the page has to do with network settings.
• If the copier has a paper jam or is displaying a service code or door open message, you won’t be able to print out the configuration page until you rectify the problem.


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