How to print a configuration report on a Sharp AR-M700U

How to print a configuration report on a Sharp AR-M700U

On a Sharp AR-M700U copier, if you want to get a quick overview of the machine’s setup as well as its network settings, you can print out a configuration report right from the copier’s operation panel. The configuration report contains TCP/IP settings and information about other enabled network protocols, like AppleTalk or NetBEUI. In addition to the configuration report, a system status report will also print, which gives a more balanced (but brief) description of all the network protocols, as well as information about the machine itself, like its MAC address.


Step 1

Go to Custom Settings

On the copier’s operation panel, press the Custom Settings button (to the lower right of the touch screen).

Step 2

Go to List Print

Various options will appear on the touch screen; select the option for List Print.

Step 3

Go to Printer Test Page

In the List Print options, select Printer Test Page.

Step 4

Go to NIC Page

From the options on this screen, choose NIC Page. The system status report will print out first, followed by the configuration report.

Things Needed
• Sharp AR-M700U copier, powered on and ready
• paper loaded in the paper tray

Tips & Warnings
• The configuration report does not show the copier’s page count, which can be found by going into Custom Settings and choosing Total Count.


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