How to print a supplies status page on an HP Color LaserJet CM1312 MFP

Unlike the configuration page, which displays setup information and current settings, the supplies status page from a Color LaserJet Cm1312 MFP displays how much toner is left in each of the color cartridges. You can see the amount of toner remaining as a bar, as a percent, and also as an estimate of how many more pages you can print before it runs out.


Step 1

Press Setup

Press the Setup button on the operation panel (the one with the wrench icon on it, located below the arrow buttons) to go into the printer’s main menu screen.

Step 2

Go to Reports

Scroll down using the down arrow button until you come to Reports, and then press the OK button once it is highlighted to select it.

Step 3

Print the supplies status page

Scroll down to Supplies Status Page (the next option below Configuration Report) and press OK to select it. The supplies status page will be printed out.

Things Needed
• HP Color LaserJet CM1312 series multifunction printer, powered on and ready
• at least 1 sheet of paper loaded in the paper tray

Tips & Warnings
• The supplies status page also lists the part number for each toner, if you need to reorder any of them.


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