How to replace the battery in a Dell Latitude D610 laptop

How to replace the battery in a Dell Latitude D610 laptop

It’s not uncommon to have to replace a laptop battery. Over time, the original battery can become degraded and fail to hold a charge. Or, you may simply want to replace it with an extended-life battery that will allow your laptop to run longer without needing to be charged. Either way, replacing the battery in a Dell Latitude D610 laptop is easily done by following the steps below.


Step 1

Turn the computer off

If the laptop is on, turn it off by shutting it down through Windows. Click on the Start button and select Shut Down in the lower right corner, then choose Shut Down from the drop down menu. Wait for the computer to power down completely before continuing.

Step 2

Turn it over

Once the laptop is off, disconnect the power cord (if it’s connected) and close the lid. Then turn the computer over and place it on a stable, flat surface so that the bottom of the computer (with the screws and covers) is facing up.

Step 3

Remove the old battery

As you’re looking at the bottom of the computer, the battery is located in the lower left corner. Remove it by pushing the tab on the right side of the battery (with the arrow on it) to the left, in the direction of the arrow. This tab will release the battery lock, allowing you to pull the battery up (toward you) and out of its compartment. (Keep the tab pressed in until the battery has popped free.)

Step 4

Install the new battery

Orient the new battery so that the side with all of the writing on it, including the serial number, is face down, and the tab with the arrow is to the right. Slide the left side of the battery (the rounded side) in first, and then lower the right side into the compartment. (You should hear it lock into place.)

Step 5

Test the battery

Flip the computer over, open the lid, and turn it on (without the power cord connected). Make sure the computer boots up with the new battery. If it doesn’t, attach the AC power cord and charge the battery for at least a half hour or so, then try to boot the computer up again (after disconnecting the cord). If the computer still won’t boot up, you may have a defective battery.

Things Needed
• Dell Latitude D610 laptop computer
• a new or replacement battery

Tips & Warnings
• Only use a battery that is compatible with your laptop to prevent power problems.
• You can check the charge on most D610 batteries by pressing the battery icon on the battery itself. There are five LEDs next to this icon; some or all of them should light up when you press the icon to let you know how much of a charge the battery currently holds.


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