How to wire a universal RJ-25 Phone Jack keystone connector

RJ-25 Keystone Phone Jack
How to wire a universal RJ-25 Phone Jack keystone connector

Older style phone jacks require you to strip some of the insulation off the color coded wires, bend the wire enough so a screw will hold it in place on top of the primary wires terminal, and then you have to turn the screw firmly enough to hold both the primary wire terminal and your main phone wires firmly in place. Sometimes the screws in these jacks become loose and the phone stops working; sometimes the screws strip out requiring replacement of the entire jack.

RJ-25 keystone jacks are the perfect addition or upgrade for any phone location in your home or business. They’re simple, easy to install, and the wires are tightly sandwiched between small metal blades that hold them secure. Anybody can replace an older style jack with one of these quickly, and if you’re running and installing new phone jacks in your home yourself, you’ll save time by installing one of these.


Step 1

Remove the protective sheething from the wires.

Remove approximately 2″ of the sheething from the wires, being careful not to cut into the wires themselves.

Step 2

Spread the wires slightly apart.

Spread the wires apart slightly to make them easier to handle.

Step 3

Determine the correct slot for each wire.

WH = White / BK = Black

RD = Red / GR = Green

YL = Yellow / BL = Blue

Take a close look at the RJ-25 jack and you will see some letters molded into it; I’ve manipulated this picture for clarity.

Place each wire in it’s respective slot and determine how much of the wire needs to be snipped off. The wire can extend beyond it’s slot some without adverse affects as seen in Step 5 below.

Step 4

Get familiar with the punch down tool.

The punch down tool has a small blade on it (shown here on the right side), that fits in the slots to punch your wires down.

Just grasp the rounded end shown here on the left side, place the small blade over your wire and push straight down to seat it.

Step 5

Punch down the wires with the special tool.

Gently push each wire into the top of it’s slot with your finger, then use the punch down tool to seat the wires firmly between the metal blades.

Note: Notice how far the wires extend beyond their slots.

Step 6

Snap the cover in place.

Simply snap the cover in place to complete the wiring job.

Snap the connector into your new face plate, hook up your phone and enjoy!

Things Needed
• RJ-25 Keystone Phone Jacks
• Phone Line
• Wire Snippers
• Wire Strippers
• Cover Plates

Tips & Warnings
• Always wear eye protection to prevent flying debris from injuring your eyes.
• When bending wires, make a gentle curve to prevent breaking them.
• Keep your fingers clear of all cutting blades.
• Always place your keystone jack against a hard, firm surface before punching wires into place.
• Always strip the wires in a motion that is away from your body.


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